The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is ON SALE now!


We all want to make better health and lifestyle decisions for ourselves and those we love. We want to lose some weight, have more energy, use greener products, create nutritious meals for our families, get fit, and feel confident that we’re doing all we can to prevent serious diseases.

But it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed and intimidated by the masses of healthy living advice out there – to the point where we’re frozen into complete inaction instead!

That’s where The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle comes in. For the ridiculously low price of just $29.97 (for the PDF version) or $39.97 (for the eReader version), you can get access to a carefully curated collection of eBooks and eCourses with a total combined value of $1,030.

The bundle contains a wealth of information from the very finest healthy living writers out there – but there’s no risk of getting overwhelmed! A useful Getting Started Guide is included with your purchase, which will help you identify the most valuable resources for your specific health priorities.

The Ultimate Bundles team has done all the hard work for you – finding the top experts across a number of healthy living fields and combining their products into one essential collection. If you want to take control of your health, there’s no better way to start!

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle will only be on sale for 6 days – from 8am EST on Wednesday, September 10 until 11:59pm EST on Monday, September 15.

But don’t wait until the last moment – there are only 30,000 bundles available and once they’re gone, they’re gone!

You can buy with confidence because your purchase is covered by the Ultimate Bundles one-year guarantee: you have a full year to enjoy all the books and courses in the bundle, and if you don’t feel like it’s made a huge difference to your family’s health, you’ll get your money back in full!

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As if this great collection of eBooks and eCourses wasn’t enough, the Ultimate Bundles team has also partnered with 10 fantastic companies who’ve each agreed to give a special bonus to every buyer. The bonuses have a total value of over $200 – more than 5 times the price of the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle itself!

The bonuses include free goodies aplenty: a bottle of Healthy Mouth Blend from OraWellness, a baltic amber bracelet from Sweetbottoms Boutique, and a starter culture from Cultures For Health. You’ll also get gift sets from Made On Skin Care Products and Homegrown Collective.

There are virtual goodies, too – a 4-month membership to and a 3-month premium membership to meal planning service Tradishen. And as if all that weren’t enough, there are also $15 gift certificates for, and Trilight Health. There is a nominal shipping charge for many of the bonuses, based on each company’s standard shipping rates, and is usually $3-5.

Here’s what you need to know about the sale:

When? 7 a.m. EST Wednesday, September 10 until 11:59 p.m. EST Monday, September 15

What? 73 eBooks and 7 audio & eCourses, PLUS over $200 worth of bonus products you’ll really use!

Where? Purchase the bundle HERE.

How much? Well now, that’s the best part. The entire package is worth $1030, and it’s selling for less than $30. Sweet deal, right?

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Want to know exactly what’s included in the bundle?

Take a look through the categories, as well as the full list of eBooks and eCourses.

We think there’s something here for everyone, and don’t forget… our Getting Started Guide will show you exactly which resources cover the topics and health concerns that matter most to you!

Alternative Health & Home Remedies

Audio Courses & eCourses


Gardening & Homesteading

Green Cleaning

Healthy Children

Meal Budgeting & Planning

Natural Beauty & Skincare

Real Food Recipes


Special Diets

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Remember, this bundle is available for 6 days only, from 7 a.m. (EST) on Wednesday, September 10th to 11:59 p.m. (EST) on Monday, September 15th.

Disclosure: I have included affiliate links in this post. Read the fine print about this bundle and read the answers to frequently asked questions about the bundle.


Green Your Life ~ One Period at a Time!! LadyCup Menstrual Cup


My next menstrual cup review is of the LadyCup!  Iveta was the sweet lady who I spoke with and she kindly sent me one of each size to review for you all!

Made by:  Jaguara, s.r.o.
Country of origin: they have locations in the US, Deutschland and Czech republic
Lifespan: up to 15 years
Composition:  Medical Grade Silicone
Sizes:  small and large
Dimensions:  Small: 40mm x 46mm, Large: 46mm x 53mm
Stem:  Small: 19mm, Large: 13mm
Capacity: Small: 21.2 mL, Large: 34.3 mL
Measuring Lines:  None
Cost (USD): $29.70 usd
Guarantee: “For the material is 2 years.  The lifetime of the product is up to 15 years, given its regular and proper maintenance.  In case you choose the wrong size, we will replace your LadyCup free of charge.”
Other: “The recommended sterilization tablets will sterilize your LadyCup in 15 minutes.  Moreover, there is no resk of LadyCup deteriorating through boiling.  MILTON disinfection has already been used in hospitals for 30 years and its antibacterial efficiency against germs has been clinically proven.  Additionally, MILTON sterilization tablets are more efficient than boiling, a process in which not all germs are destroyed.”
Company: FAQs


I received two usable LadyCups, marked “Only Sample”, and a handful of brochures.  I would have like to see the quality of their bags, but I guess they don’t send those out for reviewers.  However, Iveta assured me that when you purchase your own LadyCup you will receive a coordinating bag.  They also sell them separately here, and there’s even a 100% organic cotton bag here.


It’s equipped with vent holes just as all the others have been.

For easy removal it’s made with little bumps all around the base and on the stem…


Here’s the line-up of all the cups I’ve reviewed so far.

This is the small LadyCup next to the small BellaCup (for comparison)

The LadyCup isn’t quite as soft as the Bella, but it didn’t affect comfort in any way.

And now a comparison of the large BellaCup and large LadyCup

It’s also not quite as slick as the BellaCup, but it’s still very smooth so that inserting the LadyCup is not uncomfortable at all!


I actually had the most luck with the large LadyCup than with any other cup so far.  The small one, though I love the purple color, wouldn’t stay put….just too small for me.  But I was able to use the large one with no leaks even on my heaviest day.  It stayed in place after every insertion.  I think it being a tad firmer than any of the others helped with this.

I really love the color choices the LadyCup comes in.  No more boring white/clear.  You could even get adventurous and get a few different colors to coordinate with your outfits!  HAHA – I kid!  But seriously, you could if you wanted to.  😉

I’m really not sure what else to say.  I love the LadyCup!  It’s the first one I’ve had 100% success using.  I even had to not wear it for part of my cycle so I could give the cloth pads a fair review!

Have any of you tried the LadyCup?  I’m curious how your experiences have been!

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Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review and my opinions are my own. When reviewing a product I will let you know if I purchased the item or was provided a sample from the company for review purposes. My opinion of the products I review is for information purposes only.

Healthy Child Summit Sneak Preview – Nov 18 – Dec 20

Have you ever felt overwhelmed when it comes to making the best choices for your family?

With all the hidden dangers lurking in our food supply, water supply, products we use daily, and even just in the environment, more and more parents are choosing to live a simpler, more natural lifestyle.  But making the transition is enough to make any parent’s head spin.  And what about those soon-to-be parents who are just beginning their journey?  All the research, websites, and books lead to information overload.  What if there was an online resource where parents could be educated, inspired, and empowered to care for their family naturally?  What if there was a resource that provided concise, easily digestible information on a wide range of topics from pre-conception all the way through the teen years?  What if this resource was FREE?  Curious yet?

The Healthy Child Summit brings together over 50 natural health, wellness, and parenting professionals who are dedicated to helping parents care for their family naturally.  These experts know that this parenting gig is not easy and as such are arming you with the information you need to either begin, continue, or expand your journey as a natural-minded parent.

  The Healthy Child Summit is a FREE online event that launches February 2014.  It won’t be like those other Summits, the ones were you have 24 hours to listen to 10 presentations.  No – The Healthy Child Summit wants to arm you with as much information as you can absorb via an improved Summit model.  A model where you will have time on your side so you can take advantage of all the incredible information these speakers are handing you.

div.color {

In the spirit of empowering all of you, The Healthy Child Summit would like to invite you to a special SNEAK PREVIEW event! Starting Monday, November 18th and ending Friday, December 20th, you will have the opportunity to listen to one presentation per day for a total of 22 presentations.

Yes, you read that right!  Get a jump start on your family’s health and wellness before the New Year!  Then come back in February and listen to over 30 NEW presentations, discover some you may have missed during the sneak preview, or listen to your favorite speakers again.

For more information on The Healthy Child Summit lineup, please visit the official website!

You can then register for the Sneak Preview, poke around the website and learn more about the fabulous sponsors, and check out the amazing giveaways happening throughout the Sneak Preview!   I hope you are as excited about this landmark event as I am!  I know I’ll be listening!

Want to know more about the speakers?

Monday, November 18th Infertility and Preconception Health

Donielle BakerDonielle Baker Natural Fertility and Wellness

Donielle is an author, amateur herbalist, lover of real food, and an advocate for natural health. She has a passion for nourishing nutrition, natural living, and spreading the word on how food truly affects our health, so much so that she is currently taking courses to become a master herbalist. Her personal background includes both infertility and miscarriage and she began her blog, Naturally Knocked Up, in order to share all of the information she found helpful in her journey to healing.


Tuesday, November 19th Natural Family Planning and Ecological Breastfeeding

Sheila KippleyJohn and Sheila Kipley NFP and More

Sheila and John Kippley have been collaborating in the work of natural family planning since 1971. Sheila’s unique contribution has been the research and teaching of ecological breastfeeding as a distinct form of natural baby spacing. John’s unique contribution has been theological; the concept that the marriage act ought to be a renewal of the for-better-and-for-worse caring love of the marriage covenant. Their reward for this effort is knowing that many couples have been helped by these ideas and practices through their books and NFP and More website.


Wednesday, November 20th Birth Choices

Nicole DegginsNicole Deggins, CNM, MSN, MPH Sista Midwife

Nicole Deggins is a midwife, author, and educator with more than 18 years of experience in women’s health care, advocacy and empowerment. She has practiced as a midwife in Washington DC and Mississippi and has worked as a labor and delivery nurse in numerous public and private settings throughout the country. Nicole is dedicated to bringing transparency to childbirth education and helping women understand their rights as they navigate the medical obstetrical system. As the founder and CEO of Sista Midwife Productions, LLC, she acts as a virtual midwife, pregnancy coach and doula trainer providing education through one-on-one support, teleconferences, webinars, and live workshops. No matter where or how a woman plans to birth, her ultimate goal is to help her Birth Something Beautiful.


Thursday, November 21st Becoming Aware of Possible Toxins Around Your Children; Choosing Safe Products For Your Children

Dawn LorenzDawn Lorenz Raising Natural Kids

Dawn Lorenz is a mother of three, a teacher and a writer whose mission is to provide parents with the resources they need in order to make informed decisions regarding their children, specifically focusing on raising children in healthy environments that will benefit their overall well-being. Dawn runs the blog Raising Natural Kids and hosts an up and coming community website,, where parents can become informed and converse about all things natural, holistic and organic in regards to raising kids. Dawn also provides speaking engagements, striving to provide parents and anyone helping to raise children, with the information they need to make their own informed choices. She encourages people to THINK TWICE and to know all sides of issues/topics that families are faced with today so that they can make educated choices.


Friday, November 22nd Baby Led Weaning and Starting Solids

Kate TietjeKate Tieje Modern Alternative Mama

Kate Tieje is the owner of Modern Alternative Mama, a blog all about natural living from a Christian perspective. She has been blogging since October 2009, and has also contributed to the Life… Your Way and Keeper of the Home blogs regularly. She has written 8 books, 7 of them cookbooks, and is launching a new recipe and meal planning service called Tradishen shortly.


Monday, November 25th Living with Food Allergies and Intolerances

KerryAnnKerryAnn Foster Intentionally Domestic

KerryAnn lives in North Carolina with her husband, Jeff, and two children. KerryAnn developed celiac disease and multiple food intolerances in 2006, and soon discovered her children had food intolerances, too. Out of that grew a passion for family-friendly, kid-happy, allergen-free cooking. She blogs at Intentionally Domestic, formerly Cooking Traditional Foods, where she has written many allergen-free recipe books, runs a video-based cooking school including a multi-media class on how to go gluten and dairy-free, and writes the internet’s longest running real food Menu Mailer.


Tuesday, November 26th Skincare for Families

Bio NewJennifer Saleem Hybrid Rasta Mama

Jennifer, author of Hybrid Rasta Mama, is a former government recruiter turned stay-at-home mama to a precious daughter (Tiny) brought earthside in early 2009. She is passionate about and writes about conscious parenting, natural living, holistic health/wellness, real foods, and more! Coconut oil and all its wonders is a main feature on her blog as well. Jennifer has authored three recipe books; Coconut Oil For Your Skin, Cooking With Coconut Oil, and Salve Made Simple. Additionally, Jennifer is close to releasing her first two illustrated print books. I Will Breastfeed Anywhere will empower mothers and their nurslings of all ages to breastfeed when and where they choose! Milkies In The Morning in a gentle night weaning book that Jennifer wrote to ease the transition for her then, four year old daughter.


Monday, December 2nd Gentle Sleep Solutions

Elizabeth PantleyElizabeth Pantley The No-Cry Solutions

Parenting educator, Elizabeth Pantley, is the President of Better Beginnings, Inc., a family resource and education company. She is a regular radio show guest and frequently quoted as a parenting expert in newspapers and magazines such as Parents, Parenting, American Baby, Woman’s Day, Good Housekeeping, and Redbook and on hundreds of parent-directed web sites. She publishes a newsletter, Parent Tips, which is distributed in schools nationwide. Elizabeth is the author of eight popular parenting books, available in 18 languages, and she was a contributing author to The Successful Child with Drs. William and Martha Sears. Elizabeth and her husband, Robert, live in the state of Washington, along with their four children, Angela, Vanessa, David, and Coleton, and “Grama.”


Tuesday, December 3rd Cloth Diapering

Erin Odom headshotErin Odom The Humbled Homemaker

Erin Odom is a work-at-home wife and mother to three little redheaded girls, born in 2008, 2010 and 2012. She loves practicing the semi-crunchy lifestyle from her home in North Carolina. She’s a lover of Jesus, breastfeeding, natural birthing, cloth diapers and real food. Erin writes for her local newspaper, edits, and blogs at The Humbled Homemaker, where she seeks to write each post full of grace for far-from-perfect homemakers desiring to live a natural lifestyle.


Wednesday, December 4th The Vaccination Decision – What Parents Need To Know

Jessika Bailey Natural Mother MagazineJessika Bailey Natural Mother Magazine

Jessika Bailey is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Natural Mother Magazine. She is the mother of three children, two of whom are vaccine-free. She lives in the mountains of Utah with her husband, kids, and animals. Jessika is passionate about all things natural mothering.


Thursday, December 5th Extended Breastfeeding and Tandem Nursing

Lauren WayneLauren Wayne Hobo Mama

Lauren Wayne lives and writes in the Pacific Northwestern USA with her husband, Sam, and their two sweet boys: six-year-old Mikko and two-year-old Alrik. Sam and Lauren share attachment parenting, homeschooling, and working from home. Lauren blogs about natural parenting at Hobo Mama and gives a behind-the-scenes look at writing at She has long been interested in building the community of natural parents online, so she co-hosts the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting and is a co-founder of Natural Parents Network.


Friday, December 6th Chiropractic for Children and In Pregnancy

Dr. Staci BorkhuisDr. Staci Borkhuis Cornerstone Chiropractic

Dr. Staci Borkhuis is a Chiropractor in Minot, North Dakota. Her office, Cornerstone Chiropractic – which includes 3 doctors, focuses on family health and wellness. A large part of their practice is pregnant women and children who are looking for ways to naturally experience exceptional health. She lectures in her community and in communities across the country on why chiropractic care is the foundation for exceptionally healthy families.


Monday, December 9th Children’s Dental Health

WillandSusanofOraWellnessWill and Susan of Orawellness Orawellness

Will and Susan Revak are the founders of OraWellness. They began their journey into real food, real medicine and real wellness in their early 20s. Their journey creating greater oral health in their own lives started 17 years ago when Susan was diagnosed with advanced gum disease which she has since reversed on her own without dental surgery. OraWellness assists others with techniques and tools how to navigate to greater oral health. Their spearhead product is a toxin free toothpaste alternative made from 100% organic and wild crafted ingredients. offers many FREE video tutorials and downloads to help you on your path to greater oral health.


Tuesday, December 10th Raising Children to Know Where Their Food Comes From

abbie walstonAbbie Walson Farmer’s Daughter

Abbie Walston was raised on a family farm in Connecticut, which has shaped her lifestyle, parenting, philosophy of education and environmental activism. Abbie and her husband, Ed, strive to raise their sons, Joshua and David, to value a hard day’s work, real food and their family traditions. In spare moments away from her job as a high school science teacher, Abbie documents her family’s adventures at Farmer’s Daughter and her Country Boys.


Wednesday, December 11th Adrenal Health for Kids

Michael Smith N.D. BHSCMichael Smith N.D. BHSC Planet Naturopath

Michael Smith N.D. is a Naturopath/ Nutritionist from Australia focusing on addressing the cause of chronic health problems. His area of expertise is treating all digestive health issues from irritable bowel to Crohn’s Disease, as well as treating hormonal imbalances like adrenal fatigue, PMS and thyroid conditions. His use of food as medicine through dietary changes, as well as lifestyle modifications and specific nutritional and herbal supplementation when necessary can bring about profound health changes without the need for pharmaceutical medications. Consultations are available world wide via Skype.


Thursday, December 12th Real Food For Families

Kimi HarrisKimmi Harris The Nourishing Gourmet

Kimi am a mother of three and a cookbook author who loves nourishing and beautiful foods. At The Nourishing Gourmet, she shares recipes and tips on creating a successful real food lifestyle.


Friday, December 13th Common Childhood Illnesses

Mary BoveDr. Mary Bove N.D. Brattleboro Naturopathic

Dr. Mary Bove obtained her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine and Midwifery Certification from Bastyr University, Seattle, WA and received her Diploma of Phytotherapy/Herbal Medicine at the School of Phytotherapy in Great Britain. Dr. Bove practices Naturopathic Family Medicine at the Brattleboro Naturopathic Clinic, Brattleboro, VT. Dr Bove is the author of the Encyclopedia of Natural Healing for Children and Infants and has been published in many magazines, journals and collaborative books on botanical and natural medicine. She lectures and teaches internationally on the topics of naturopathic and botanical medicine, pediatrics, natural pregnancy, traditional food medicine, and mind-body healing. In collaboration with Gaia Herbs, Dr Bove developed an herbal remedy line designed specifically for children.


Monday, December 16th Kombucha for Families

Hannah Crum - Kombucha KampHannah Crum Kombucha Kamp

Hannah Crum is The Kombucha Mamma, industry journalist, commercial brewing consultant, founder of Kombucha Kamp and mentor to thousands of homebrewers around the world. Over the last 5 years, she and partner Alex LaGory have documented the dramatic growth of the bottled Kombucha business, on pace to become a billion dollar segment by 2015, while helping shepherd companies of all sizes through the commercial Kombucha process. Their writings and workshops have been featured on the Veria Network as well as in BevNet, Beverage Spectrum Magazine, Whole Life Times Magazine, Los Angeles Times Best Bets, Elephant Journal, Vital Juice and many more.


Tuesday, December 17th Preventing PPD

Amanda RoseAmanda Rose Rebuild From Depression

Amanda Rose, Ph.D. is the author of the book “Rebuild From Depression: A Nutrient Guide,” a book on food and depression that she wrote some years after the birth of her first son and the serious depression she suffered in that pregnancy and postpartum. The book was in press when she discovered she was pregnant again. Against the odds, she remained depression-free using a variety of brain-supporting tools, now part of her “Good Day Strategies” approach found online. Find Amanda and two other Rose generations writing at from their five acres in California’s Sequoia National Forest.


Wednesday, December 18th Managing Anger and Overwhelm as a Parent

Laura MarkhamDr. Laura Markham Aha Parenting

Dr. Laura Markham trained as a Clinical Psychologist, earning her PhD from Columbia University. But she’s also a mom, so she translates proven science into the practical solutions you need for the family life you want. Her relationship-based parenting model has helped thousands of families across the U.S. and Canada find compassionate, common-sense solutions to everything from separation anxiety and sleep problems to sass talk and cell phones. The founding editor of, Dr. Laura also serves as parenting expert for and several other websites. She makes frequent TV and radio appearances and has written hundreds of articles published on over a dozen websites. Dr. Laura’s book, Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting is also a bestselling gentle parenting resource. Dr. Laura lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband and two terrific kids — now 17 and 21!


Thursday, December 19th Back to Work Breastfeeding

Renee Beebe 2.jpegRenee Beebe M.Ed., IBCLC Second Nine Months

Renee Beebe, M.Ed., IBCLC, RLC is a Lactation Consultant in private practice in Seattle, Washington. She has been helping women breastfeed for over 20 years, both as a LLL leader and as an IBCLC. Her practice, The Second 9 Months, includes home and hospital visits, teaching a variety of breastfeeding classes and phone/skype consultations all over the world.


Friday, December 20th Holistic Fathers – Engaging and Including Dad

Billy BradleyBilly Bradley Holistic Dad

Billy is a Wellness Coach and writer/actor, dedicated to helping people live healthier and more balanced lives. After years of struggling with horrendous stomach pain and digestive problems, he developed asthma out of the blue. Instead of going on steroids, he began searching for a cure and discovered he was severely allergic to gluten. Billy’s life completely changed, and he began coaching friends and family on how to look at their diets and lifestyle and change what was causing them pain and illness. He traveled around the world with his family, researching old and new alternative systems of medicine. Billy graduated from Western Michigan University with a double major in theater and creative writing; his passion for the arts has driven him to work with artists of all varieties to help them cope with their frequently rigorous performing schedule and with industry pressure to look and act a certain way. As a holistic health speaker, he enjoys motivating people to make healthy changes to their lifestyles, taking one step at a time.

Last two days to get your Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

Friends, I just wanted to give you a quick update and let you know about a change that has been made.  No worries, it’s an added bonus you will be offered at checkout!

In addition to having the chance to purchase two additional gift bundles for the price of one, the alternate Paypal order form now also offers the optional upgrade of the GNOWFGLINS premium membership.  You can get 82% off an entire year plus get 12 bonus videos.  That’s a $477 value for only $87.97!

This offer is only available at checkout through paypal:


7 Ways to Lower Your Grocery Budget & Eat Better {with the ultimate healthy living bundle}

1. Menu Plan!

This has been a huge money saver for us.  Knowing exactly what you’re going to prepare and what you need to buy because you’ve planned your week already with 7 dinners makes for less stress and less compulsion spending when you are at the store.  It’s also a huge stress reliever when 4 o’clock hits and you’re wondering what to make.  The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle not only comes with 4 books to help you menu plan like Laura’s book which has40 Real Food Menus complete with breakfast, lunch , and dinner!  But it also comes with a FREE  4 month membership to Plan to Eat, and 3 month membership to List PlanIt which has a whole host an planning templates and not just for menus!

2. Budgeting the Budget!

I have learned to budget our grocery budget, it really helps to have a plan on how much I will spend on eggs each month or milk.  It sounds strange, but I learned this concept from Real Food on a Real Budget which is also in this Bundle and is a wealth of information on how to eat well on a tight budget.

3. Make Your Own!

Not only are there books that show you how to make your own beauty products and cleaners which can save you hundreds of dollars annually alone, but Jami’s new book ‘Warning I Throw Food’ A Comprehensive Guide to Natural Homemade Baby Food shows you how you can make your own baby food which is a huge money saver just by itself. 

4. Grow Your Own Food!

Anyone can grow food, even when you live in a teeny tiny apartment.  We used the book Apartment Gardening to maximize our growing space.  And ‘The Gardening Notebook’ will help you keep records to increase the bounty in years to come.  ‘How To Use and Grow Culinary Herbs’ will spice up your kitchen and save you lots throughout the year as you clip fresh herbs for FREE instead of having to purchase them.  Have a bumper crop?  ‘The Veggie Book’ takes you step by step on how to make those vegetables delicious so the whole family will enjoy the bounty.

5. Preserve the Harvest!

Wardee will teach you how to dehydrate all of your harvest with her book ‘Dehydrating’.  By dehydrating any extra produce you grow or get for a steal at the farmers market you will grow your pantry and save big.

6. Save the Scraps!

‘From Garbage To Gourmet’ will give you an eye for saving those scraps to turn into a ‘free’ meal.  Are you spending your hard earned dollars on organic produce and meat?  Don’t waste the peels or bones, turn those scraps into meals and Carrie the author of ‘From Garbage to Gourmet‘ shows you just how to do that.  If you could get one ‘free’ meal a week from your scraps that’s a savings of over $260 a year!

7. Cloth Diaper!

This is the most obvious way to save money and this alone could save you over $500 a year.  Erin the author of ‘Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert’ tells us just how she did it in her book, and how you can too!  We cloth diaper and with 4 children we’ve saved at least $5,000 over the past 6 years.  Cloth diapers not your thing?  ‘Early Potty Teaching: A Natural and Gentle Way to Potty Train Your Little One’ by Becky is another way to get that baby out of disposable diapers and free up some money in your budget.

All of these books and MORE are in the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle, but it’s only available for 2 more days.  The sale ends Saturday November 9th at 11:59pm (EST).

Buy the bundle today and equip yourself to save big and eat better.  And as a BONUS, you’ll be getting 12 weeks of online mentoring with the Coffee Table Conversations, and NINE great bonus offers for FREE products to help you on your journey to healthier living.


As an added FREEBIE bonus for my readers – here’s a free download for all of you who have purchased the bundle.  It’s a super cool checklist so you can keep track of which ones you’ve read!

You can download it using the box to the left (see my sidebar) or using this link:


Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. I only team up to be an affiliate with companies who offers products that I believe in whole-heartedly! Purchasing through an affiliate link allows me to keep blogging and sharing what I learn with you. It won’t make me rich for sure, but is a bit like buying me a cup of coffee or leaving a tip for service and is very much appreciated. Thanks for your wonderful support!