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  2. For elderberries, currants and other berries difficult to get off their vines – use a juicer! This is a large pot with a strainer inside and a rubber hose out from the bottom (Bi-Mart carries them in Oregon) Just rinse berries, remove leaves and such, pour them in the strainer and leave simmering for as long as it takes to get all juice from your berries (or fruit). You can then add in your other ingredients for syrups, tinctures, etc. The left-overs in the pot are great to add to your compost!

  3. I don’t generally have a lot of extra money to buy anything extra, so I just make do with what I got. I froze them and they separated from the stems quite easily. Thanks for the tip though. I’ll keep that in mind If I’m ever able to get my hands on that sort of juicer. 😉

  4. I came across your laundry detergent recipe from a friend of mine. I plan on using it for cloth diapers. My question is, can it be used with a high efficiency washer? Does the measurement per load change?

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