Knowledge in the Palm of Your Hand – Learn from Real Life Experts

There are NO EXCUSES not to be educated in this day and age.

We take for granted how we have access to more information than we can possibly ever use.  And because it is at our finger tips, and most often free, most people choose to squander away their time with foolishness.  Is this not sad?

And what is more amazing is that we can learn from people who have first hand experience with any number of issues.

Would you rather learn about how to overcome depression from someone who has done that, or from an expert that can only treat you with medication?  (I am not against medication, but I do believe the whole person needs to be treated.)

Finding Joy in Depression

Would you rather learn how to parent a difficult child from someone who has survived and excelled at that, or from a doctor who wants to medicate?

How about overcoming marital issues from someone that has been there and done that?

One thing I really love about the digital age and instant downloads are the eBooks that are available by REAL LIFE EXPERTS, those who have walked several miles in the shoes of difficulty and now are wearing running shoes and they are willing to pick us up and run with them!

I love that I can hold a library of books in the palm of my hand and take it wherever I go.  Is that mind-blowing or what?

Now I will say, be careful of who you read and their worldview.  Just because it is on the internet does not mean it is true… just as any book you check out from the library.  The same goes for doctors you visit, they all have different opinions and methods of treatment.  This applies to books you read, churches you visit and friends you make.

These 86 books about healthy living can fit in your hand… to take with you wherever you go.  Why waste time in any waiting room flipping through old magazines when you could be reading ways to help your family have a more healthy lifestyle.

This bundle of books would be great for a high school credit as you use them for course work as your child learns from REAL LIFE EXPERTS in the field.  Take note, their is a sex book in there so you may want to remove that one and read it yourself, because a healthy sex life is good for married folks!

If you get confused on how to download all these books here are a few tutorials on how to load to your device:  Kindle, Kindle, iPad, Cloud, Dropbox, Mac, PC.

Disclaimer: Many of my blog posts contain affiliate links. I only team up to be an affiliate with compaies who offers products that I believe in whole-heartedly! Purchasing through an affiliate link allows me to keep blogging and sharing what I learn with you. It won’t make me rich for sure, but is a bit like buying me a cup of coffee or leaving a tip for service and is very much appreciated. Thanks for your wonderful support!

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