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Green Your Life ~ One Period at a Time!! LadyCup Menstrual Cup


My next menstrual cup review is of the LadyCup!  Iveta was the sweet lady who I spoke with and she kindly sent me one of each size to review for you all!

Website: www.ladycup.eu
Made by:  Jaguara, s.r.o.
Country of origin: they have locations in the US, Deutschland and Czech republic
Lifespan: up to 15 years
Composition:  Medical Grade Silicone
Sizes:  small and large
Dimensions:  Small: 40mm x 46mm, Large: 46mm x 53mm
Stem:  Small: 19mm, Large: 13mm
Capacity: Small: 21.2 mL, Large: 34.3 mL
Measuring Lines:  None
Cost (USD): $29.70 usd
Guarantee: “For the material is 2 years.  The lifetime of the product is up to 15 years, given its regular and proper maintenance.  In case you choose the wrong size, we will replace your LadyCup free of charge.”
Other: “The recommended sterilization tablets will sterilize your LadyCup in 15 minutes.  Moreover, there is no resk of LadyCup deteriorating through boiling.  MILTON disinfection has already been used in hospitals for 30 years and its antibacterial efficiency against germs has been clinically proven.  Additionally, MILTON sterilization tablets are more efficient than boiling, a process in which not all germs are destroyed.”
Company: FAQs


I received two usable LadyCups, marked “Only Sample”, and a handful of brochures.  I would have like to see the quality of their bags, but I guess they don’t send those out for reviewers.  However, Iveta assured me that when you purchase your own LadyCup you will receive a coordinating bag.  They also sell them separately here, and there’s even a 100% organic cotton bag here.


It’s equipped with vent holes just as all the others have been.

For easy removal it’s made with little bumps all around the base and on the stem…


Here’s the line-up of all the cups I’ve reviewed so far.

This is the small LadyCup next to the small BellaCup (for comparison)

The LadyCup isn’t quite as soft as the Bella, but it didn’t affect comfort in any way.

And now a comparison of the large BellaCup and large LadyCup

It’s also not quite as slick as the BellaCup, but it’s still very smooth so that inserting the LadyCup is not uncomfortable at all!


I actually had the most luck with the large LadyCup than with any other cup so far.  The small one, though I love the purple color, wouldn’t stay put….just too small for me.  But I was able to use the large one with no leaks even on my heaviest day.  It stayed in place after every insertion.  I think it being a tad firmer than any of the others helped with this.

I really love the color choices the LadyCup comes in.  No more boring white/clear.  You could even get adventurous and get a few different colors to coordinate with your outfits!  HAHA – I kid!  But seriously, you could if you wanted to.  😉

I’m really not sure what else to say.  I love the LadyCup!  It’s the first one I’ve had 100% success using.  I even had to not wear it for part of my cycle so I could give the cloth pads a fair review!

Have any of you tried the LadyCup?  I’m curious how your experiences have been!

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Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review and my opinions are my own. When reviewing a product I will let you know if I purchased the item or was provided a sample from the company for review purposes. My opinion of the products I review is for information purposes only.

Green Your Life ~ One Period at a Time!! Momiji natural Cloth Menstrual Pads

Rie Ito was so kind to send me a few Momiji natural pads to try out for you all!  In fact, I received one of each size!  Thank you, Rie!!!

{Warning: lots of pics in this post!}

Made by:  Momiji Natural Corporation
Country of origin: Sri Lanka
Company: FAQs

Momiji Natural Corporation cannot actually sell directly to the US.  Here are some links where they can be purchased:


Here is their nighttime pad!  I found this to be the most unique pad in that it’s shaped to really cover your fanny at night to prevent leaks all over the place.  And it’s a whopping 12 inches long!

Next is the large sized pad, which I found to be sufficient for using over-night since I was using these in conjunction with either a cup or the sponge.

They’ve got the 9 inch pad as well.  And yes, I’m aware that I have it snapped wrong side.  😉  That was so I could tell it apart from the next pad and not think I just took the same pic twice.

As you can see here, the business side of these pads are sewn in well.  The 3 stitched rows keep the insides from shifting around and bunching up.

There’s also an 8 inch pad.

I really like the fabric that Momiji natural uses.  They are made of 100% cotton.

And finally, they have the thong pad!

I can’t say I’ve ever used a thong pad before, but I did know of their existence.  They are actually quite comfy!

I couldn’t help but wonder how well Momiji natural pads would work because they seem pretty thin compared to other pads I’ve reviewed so far.  But, I found they worked quite well.  And as you can see from the pics here, they clean up very easily too!  Which is always a plus in a reusable menstrual pad.  Not that many people will see your personal items like this, but I don’t want mine to look all stained up for sure!  The fabrics are all too adorable to look dingy.

They suggest folding them up small and snapping them in place for when you will be out-n-about (see below).  This is quite easy to do and actually a great way to deal with soiled pads until you can get home to wash them out.  Just tuck the soiled side inside the “envelope”.

Over-all, I am very impressed with Momiji natural’s cloth pads!  I definitely recommend that you try them out for yourself!

Until next time friends….


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Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review and my opinions are my own. When reviewing a product I will let you know if I purchased the item or was provided a sample from the company for review purposes. My opinion of the products I review is for information purposes only.

Green Your Life – One Period at a Time!! Bella Menstrual Cup

I apologize that I’ve gotten a little behind on these reviews, I’ve just had a lot going on.

I was given the opportunity to review the Bella Cup.  I received one of each size for review purposes.

It comes with a color brochure in English…

Bella Cup Facts

Website: www.bellacup.co.kr
Made by:  TS International
Country of origin: Korea
Lifespan: website just states “Lasts for years”
Composition:  Medical Grade Silicone
Sizes:  small and large
Dimensions:  Small: 41mm x 23.8mm, Large: 45.5mm x 53.1mm
Stem:  20.3mm
Capacity: Small: 20 mL, Large: 30 mL
Measuring Lines:  None
Cost (USD): $29.70 usd
Guarantee: None that I can find.
Other: Comes with a sturdy velvet pouch
Company: FAQs


I really like the smooth texture of the Bella Cup, and I think it’s rather pretty too as far as a menstrual product goes.

The design of the stem really makes it easy to grab hold of for removal, as does the slightly textured stripes around the base of the cup.

The logo is on the inside just under the rim.  There are a total of four vent holes to help release the suction.

To show you the difference in the two sizes.

Sorry for the blurry shot, but this one is to show you how soft the Bella Cup is compared to the Ruby Cup – Bella squished down slightly more.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of all the cups I’ve reviewed so far:


Well, the small one was definitely too small for me!  It literally wouldn’t stay in when I stood up.  I did have slight problems with the large one, but managed to get some small successes before it would slip.

I really like the design and the smooth texture helped with ease of inserting it.

The velvet bags are very well made and the draw strings hold well.

I tried two different folds with this one (above and below) and found the one below to be the easiest to work with.  (Hint: it’s the fold I’ve been most successful with when using every cup so far, your results may vary.)


Over-all my experience with the Bella Cup was hit or miss.  Sometimes it would stay in place, then sometimes it seemed super slippery and would just slide out.  I think the mixture of it being super smooth and pretty soft was causing my slippage problems.  I think strengthening my pelvic floor will help with this.


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Green Your Life ~ One Period at a Time!! Natural Sea Sponge Tampons

This month I reviewed something completely different from any of the other reusable menstrual product options.  Jade &  Pearl Sea Pearls Natural Sea Sponge Tampons.  That’s right ~ sea sponges!

Believe it or not, women have been using them all throughout history.  We’ve also used rags, grass, cattail fluff, moss, seaweed and many other absorbent materials.  Cleopatra is even said to have used sea sponges!

The package insert states:

“Sponges are plant-like creatures that grow in colonies on the ocean floor.  With over 4,500 varieties, sea sponges have the ability to regenerate from even the tiniest fragments left from the original sponge.  As sponges are harvested, millions of eggs and sperm cells  are released into the surrounding water, making the sponge a renewable resource that provides an ecologically sound product for menstrual use.”

What I Received

Jade & Pearl graciously agreed to send me a set of sponges to review for this series!  I received 2 reusable sponges with a cotton bag in a package just like you would receive from any retailer. 

The insert opens up to reveal lots of information like how to insert them, how to keep clean and care for them and a few facts about them.

I also received a full brochure showing all their products and some specific products card info sheets.

The Sponges

Sea Pearl Sponges don’t really look any different from any natural sponges you can buy for household or cleaning purposes.  The only real difference is their size, how they are handled and how thoroughly they are cleaned before you buy them.

They come in small, medium or large sizes.  If you need to you can trim them down a little with a pair of scissors.  Right out of the package they are a bit hard, like any natural sponge is when dry.

Even though Jade & Pearl thoroughly washes, sanitizes, dries and inspects all the sponges, it is still recommended that you still disinfect them before use.   You can do this by soaking them for about 10 minutes in 1 cup of warm water with one of the following items added in:

  • 2 drops Tea Tree Oil – a very effective germicide that has been proven to inhibit up to 60 strains of bacteria, including s. aureus.  This will also eliminate any odor on your sponge.
  • 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon of sea salt
  • 1 tablespoon of baking soda
  • 1/8 cup of hydrogen peroxide – this will also remove any discoloration occurring during use.
  • 1 teaspoon colloidal silver – there is no pathogenic organism known that is not killed by colloidal silver in 6 minutes or less.  It’s use is also beneficial to women who suffer from recurrent candida yeast infections.

I chose the apple cider vinegar method to disinfect mine since that’s what I had on hand.

As I said above, Jade & Pearl sponges are thoroughly washed, sanitized, dried and inspected before they sell them.  They carefully package all the sponges by hand, but they do recommend that you check and clean them before use.

You can even add a string to them for easier removal if you would like.  Make sure to use un-dyed and organic material for the string though.  The whole reason for going natural is to keep chemical laden products away from that area.


In the disinfecting process, I noticed they soften up quite nicely when wet.  In fact, you have to wet them to use them.  It seems odd that wet sponges would be absorbent enough to catch menstrual flow, but it works I promise!

To use simply wet, squeeze out most of the water and insert them just as you would any non-applicator tampon.  Removal is not that difficult ~ reach in with your thumb and index finger to get hold of it and pull it out, much like you would a menstrual cup.  Yes, you have to actually touch yourself to insert and remove.  On particularly heavy-flow days you can even use two at a time for extra absorbency.

Although they are just as absorbent, in my experience, as a regular tampon ~ they will leak when over full.  I know, so do tampons if you have them in for too long, but these are squishier than tampons and when full any strenuous movement will, well, squeeze the fluid out of them quite easily.  This is not a problem if you don’t have super heavy flow.  Definitely wearing a cloth pad for protection helps a lot.  And just not going for too long before rinsing it out is really the key here.

The interesting thing is, when you remove them to rinse them out, they don’t look like much.  It’s not at all like you would imagine a blood-soaked sponge would be.  It looks like there’s some blood on them for sure, but not usually dripping with it.  However, when you are rinsing it out you will notice just how much they can hold.  Most all of the blood stays on the inside of the sponge.

When out and about it’s a good idea to have the 2nd sponge or two with you in a wet-proof reusable bag since you can’t always easily get to a sink in public restrooms.  Simply place the used sponge into the bag and clean it later when you get home.  In the public stall you’ve got plenty of toilet paper to wipe up your hand with so you can get over to the sink to wash your hands.  You might even consider carrying a wet wash cloth with you for this purpose.  You can also use the larger stall that has a sink in it.  Simply put, being out and about while using these sponges was not the hassle I expected it to be.

Rinsing the sponges is a bit messy on your hand(s).  You WILL be touching blood, but at the same time your hand is under running water while touching it.  No big deal!  Your hand is being rinsed at the same time the sponge is.  But honestly ladies, who hasn’t gotten a little blood on their hands (or clothing now that I think about it) during their cycle?  It happens, we’re women!  Haven’t you ever leaked through any product you’ve used, even just once?  We deal with blood every month and none of us has an excuse to be squeamish about blood.  It’s natural, it’s part of our body and it’s just something we have to deal with.

The draw-string bag that comes with the sea sponges reminds me of all the reusable cotton produce bags I carry to the store with me ~ only smaller with looser weave!  The two sponges just fit inside with not much room to spare.  At this point I actually have 4 sponges, because I bought some from GladRags as well when they were having a sale plus free shipping.  So I’ve chosen to set aside one of my small produce bags for storing my sponges in between cycles.  It just has a bit more room.

To sum up here ~ these are great!!  They are easier to get used to than the cups since you don’t have to get them positioned just right.  They are perfect for someone who wants ease into using reusable menstrual products but is a little intimidated by the cups. 

Oh and I almost forgot to add that you can even have intercourse while using sponges!  Here’s what Jade & Pearl has to say on this topic:

“It is perfectly safe to use your Sea Pearls during intercourse as long as you rinse and clean your sponge thoroughly afterwards.  If you have trouble removing a sponge after intercourse, we recommend relaxing your muscles, squatting or sitting in a warm bath.  Some women use sponges as a form of contraception along with a spermicide of their choice.”



   I was not paid to write this review and my opinions are my own. When reviewing a product I will let you know if I purchased the item or was provided a sample from the company for review purposes. My opinion of the products I review is for information purposes only. 

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