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Offering tips and recipes on Traditional Cooking, Organic Gardening and Natural Living since 2008.  Favorite activities include: camping, fishing, Yoga, dancing, cooking, gardening, learning, reading…to name just a few.  She is also a Birth Doula student through Childbirth International, and only two steps away from certification.


TheHippyGardener is a PR friendly blog.

Product Reviews:

If you would like to submit a product for a review please contact me via email HippyGardener (at) gmail (dot) com.  I will give my honest opinion for all products I review.  If there is a problem or my opinion is less than favorable then I will contact you to make sure you still want my review posted.  All review will include the following details: – company and product details – images taken from your website – images of the actual product received – links to your website or blog – links to your company or product Facebook page and Twitter profile – purchase information I will use my personal blog, Twitter, Facebook page, Google+ and any other social media sites to promote your products.


Giveaways are an effective way of driving traffic to and generating interest in your website and products.  Should you choose to do a giveaway, I will run it for two (2) weeks starting on the day I post the product review.  I will be using Rafflecoptor to manage the giveaway and I will email you the winner’s details after the giveaway ends.  I will include the following as entries: – visit the company website and comment on a product, increasing traffic to your site. – “like” the company Facebook page – follow the company Twitter page In your email please include a list of other options you would like to be included as entries. I ask that you ship the prize to the winner within 14 days of receiving the winner’s information. If you are giving away a gift card or code, please make sure that the amount covers the cost of the product including shipping.

Affiliate Programs

If you would like me to join your affiliate program, please send me the details of your program. I will only affiliate with companies who’s products I would use in my home or for my family and that do not create a conflict of interest. Once joined I will add you to my resources page as well as link to you in posts where relevant.


As of 10/15/13 total followers are 3,647, these numbers are growing every day…


5 responses to “About Me / PR

  1. Cool,didn’t know you wre such an avid gardener,maybe you can inspire me to get myself back into the dirt where I belong! Though we are in different zones, can’t even grow a hibiscus up here!

  2. thehippygardener

    Hi Kyla,

    What zone are you in?

    If I can inspire one person to get their hands dirty then that would just make my year. I don’t think people really know what they are missing sometimes. Gardening is SO rewarding and can be relaxing if you let it.

    Happy gardening! And have a great weekend.

  3. Excellent website on midwifery being built here.I am coming in late here but , as you will find out or already have imagined, at 6,000 feet above sea level in mixed Ponderosa Pine/Juniper vegetation with ancient Puebloan terracing, I use massive coldframe and 6′ tall screen rooms to garden organically all year round. I have finally gotten enough roof sourced catchment tanks close to irrigate within the palisades, and slightly out of them, all year long.All the best to you in your dry (without the acequia in these parts) farming.

  4. Heather, I love what you are doing here! Glad to have found you through Homestead Bloggers 🙂

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