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Last two days to get your Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

Friends, I just wanted to give you a quick update and let you know about a change that has been made.  No worries, it’s an added bonus you will be offered at checkout!

In addition to having the chance to purchase two additional gift bundles for the price of one, the alternate Paypal order form now also offers the optional upgrade of the GNOWFGLINS premium membership.  You can get 82% off an entire year plus get 12 bonus videos.  That’s a $477 value for only $87.97!

This offer is only available at checkout through paypal:



7 Ways to Lower Your Grocery Budget & Eat Better {with the ultimate healthy living bundle}

1. Menu Plan!

This has been a huge money saver for us.  Knowing exactly what you’re going to prepare and what you need to buy because you’ve planned your week already with 7 dinners makes for less stress and less compulsion spending when you are at the store.  It’s also a huge stress reliever when 4 o’clock hits and you’re wondering what to make.  The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle not only comes with 4 books to help you menu plan like Laura’s book which has40 Real Food Menus complete with breakfast, lunch , and dinner!  But it also comes with a FREE  4 month membership to Plan to Eat, and 3 month membership to List PlanIt which has a whole host an planning templates and not just for menus!

2. Budgeting the Budget!

I have learned to budget our grocery budget, it really helps to have a plan on how much I will spend on eggs each month or milk.  It sounds strange, but I learned this concept from Real Food on a Real Budget which is also in this Bundle and is a wealth of information on how to eat well on a tight budget.

3. Make Your Own!

Not only are there books that show you how to make your own beauty products and cleaners which can save you hundreds of dollars annually alone, but Jami’s new book ‘Warning I Throw Food’ A Comprehensive Guide to Natural Homemade Baby Food shows you how you can make your own baby food which is a huge money saver just by itself. 

4. Grow Your Own Food!

Anyone can grow food, even when you live in a teeny tiny apartment.  We used the book Apartment Gardening to maximize our growing space.  And ‘The Gardening Notebook’ will help you keep records to increase the bounty in years to come.  ‘How To Use and Grow Culinary Herbs’ will spice up your kitchen and save you lots throughout the year as you clip fresh herbs for FREE instead of having to purchase them.  Have a bumper crop?  ‘The Veggie Book’ takes you step by step on how to make those vegetables delicious so the whole family will enjoy the bounty.

5. Preserve the Harvest!

Wardee will teach you how to dehydrate all of your harvest with her book ‘Dehydrating’.  By dehydrating any extra produce you grow or get for a steal at the farmers market you will grow your pantry and save big.

6. Save the Scraps!

‘From Garbage To Gourmet’ will give you an eye for saving those scraps to turn into a ‘free’ meal.  Are you spending your hard earned dollars on organic produce and meat?  Don’t waste the peels or bones, turn those scraps into meals and Carrie the author of ‘From Garbage to Gourmet‘ shows you just how to do that.  If you could get one ‘free’ meal a week from your scraps that’s a savings of over $260 a year!

7. Cloth Diaper!

This is the most obvious way to save money and this alone could save you over $500 a year.  Erin the author of ‘Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert’ tells us just how she did it in her book, and how you can too!  We cloth diaper and with 4 children we’ve saved at least $5,000 over the past 6 years.  Cloth diapers not your thing?  ‘Early Potty Teaching: A Natural and Gentle Way to Potty Train Your Little One’ by Becky is another way to get that baby out of disposable diapers and free up some money in your budget.

All of these books and MORE are in the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle, but it’s only available for 2 more days.  The sale ends Saturday November 9th at 11:59pm (EST).

Buy the bundle today and equip yourself to save big and eat better.  And as a BONUS, you’ll be getting 12 weeks of online mentoring with the Coffee Table Conversations, and NINE great bonus offers for FREE products to help you on your journey to healthier living.


As an added FREEBIE bonus for my readers – here’s a free download for all of you who have purchased the bundle.  It’s a super cool checklist so you can keep track of which ones you’ve read!

You can download it using the box to the left (see my sidebar) or using this link: https://app.box.com/s/hfmw086idoik1vn6i5xm


Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. I only team up to be an affiliate with companies who offers products that I believe in whole-heartedly! Purchasing through an affiliate link allows me to keep blogging and sharing what I learn with you. It won’t make me rich for sure, but is a bit like buying me a cup of coffee or leaving a tip for service and is very much appreciated. Thanks for your wonderful support!


Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle Sale

Providing you with fabulously useful eBook resources is what we, the team behind Ultimate Bundles, are all about. This year we decided to throw caution to the wind and make the package more of a no-brainer than ever before.


What’s in the Bundle?

Get Educated
We took 86 eBooks (plus 1 eCourse) by popular bloggers on topics like real food & recipes, green living, natural cleaning and beauty, mental and emotional health, fitness, herbal remedies and more.

Get Mentored
Then we added the brand new “Coffee Table Conversations,” a 12-week series of author mentorship through interactive online conference calls and private support groups.

Get Equipped
We finished it off with 9 bonus sponsors offering you $150+ of incredible products and services to help you along your way. This includes bonuses like $25.98 of FREE eco-friendly laundry detergent from Dizolve (because we all need clean clothes). This bonus nearly makes up for the entire cost of the bundle!

How Much Does the Bundle Cost?

Ultimate: Maximum; decisive; conclusive. The best or most extreme of its kind.

We wouldn’t call it the “ultimate” bundle if it wasn’t true. As our hard-working team pulled together the Ultimate Healthy Living 2013 Bundle Sale, we had 3 basic goals: to put a comprehensive health library at your fingertips, to offer something for everyone, and to provide so much value for an itty-bitty price that it would be irresistible. In a nutshell? This bundle is brimming with more than 80 ebook and ecourse resources, from authors and bloggers known as authorities in their fields. For less than $30, you can pick up your own bundle complete with more than $800 of ebooks, $67 of interactive “coffee table conversations” with their authors, and $158 of products and services to help you on your way toward healthier living. That’s over a $1,000 value!

But you don’t want to wait! This bundle is available for only 6 days, from 8 a.m. (EST) on Monday, November 4th to 11:59pm (EST) on Saturday, November 9th.

Get yours now for just $29.97!

Buy Now

What’s Included in the eBook Library? ($800+ value)

Real Food Cookbooks

Allergy-Friendly/Special Diets

Menu Planning/Meal Prep

Natural Skincare

Natural Health

Healthy Lifestyle



Green Living

Special Health Concerns

Healthy Kids & Babies

Learning About Real/Whole Foods

What are Coffee Table Conversations? ($67 value)

For 12 weeks starting in January 2014, we’ll offer a series of weekly one-hour live conference calls, where you can join in and ask your questions on relevant and timely healthy living topics to a panel of eBook authors. We’ll look at issues like allergy-friendly cooking, fighting fatigue (and finding energy!), eating well on a tight budget, an introduction to alternative health and herbal remedies, and tips and tricks for making real food in less time. You’ll be able to listen to authors converse with each other on any (or all) of the 12 calls that you choose to take part in, and get answers to your questions in real time! We’ll also provide a private Facebook group, where that week’s “mentors” will pop in as often as they can and chat with you on the topics at hand. Talk about up-close and personal learning!

What are the Healthy Living Bonus Offers? ($150+ value)

Bonus Offers Collage

  1. Dizolve—A FREE 128 Load Twin-Pack of Dizolve Natural Laundry Detergent. Dizolve laundry detergent strips are an innovative, phosphate-free way to clean your clothes. ($25.98 Value. Standard shipping rates apply. Limited to the first 5,000.)
  2. Bulk Herb Store—An instant download of their instructional video Making Herbs Simple Volume 1 for only 1 cent. ($14.95 Value. No shipping restrictions.)
  3. Wise Choice Market—A FREE $15 store credit to be used at Wise Choice Market on the Finest Real Food around, including traditionally-made bone broths, organic fermented vegetables, wild salmon, sprouted breads, and many more. ($15.00 Value. Standard shipping rates and restrictions apply.)
  4. Fit2Be Studio—A FREE Two-Month Membership to Fit2B Studio (for new members) where their wholesome workouts for the whole family are TummySafe™and particularly target Diastasis Recti. Current members may apply the coupon code for $20 off a 1-year membership. ($19.98 value. No shipping restrictions.)
  5. Jenuinely Pure—A $15 discount off of any $30 order to be used at Jenuinely Pure on the beautifully-crafted natural skincare products. Make the switch to natural skincare with Jenuinely Pure. ($15.00 Value. Standard shipping rates apply.)
  6. Plan To Eat—A FREE 4-Month www.plantoeat.com subscription. Plan to Eat is an online menu planner that uses your recipes scheduled when you want them — and they make your grocery list! ($19.80 value. No shipping restrictions. New accounts only. Offer expires Dec.15)
  7. TrilLight HealthFREE $15 store credit to be used toward Trilight Health‘s Fast-Acting, Great Tasting Liquid Herbal Formulas, or anything else in their store. ($15.00 Value. Standard shipping rates apply.)
  8. List Planit—Your choice of 3 FREE ePlanners OR a 3-Month FREE Trial Membership to ListPlanIt, where you can organize your life with hundreds of lists that you can create and manage at home or on the go. ($15.00 value. No shipping restrictions.)
  9. Cultures for Health—A FREE sourdough or kombucha starter from Cultures For Health PLUS a $5 credit to put toward anything else in store. (up to a $17.95 Value. Both the starter and the $5 credit can be used in the same order! Standard shipping rates apply.)

Buy Now

Important stuff you might want to know

  • Read the fine print. The details matter!
  • You can read about all the authors HERE.
  • Check out our Frequently Asked Question page, particularly to learn about file types, how downloading works, transferring to eReader devices, redeeming bonus offers, and all that good stuff.
  • Remember, this bundle is available for only 6 days, from 8 a.m. (EST) on Monday, November 4th to 11:59pm (EST) on Saturday, November 9th.
  • Affiliate disclaimer: I only team up to be an affiliate with compaies who offers products that I believe in whole-heartedly! Purchasing through an affiliate link allows me to keep blogging and sharing what I learn with you. It won’t make me rich for sure, but is a bit like buying me a cup of coffee or leaving a tip for service and is very much appreciated. Thanks for your wonderful support!

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