I’m still here…

I wanted to take a moment out of my day to let you all know that I’m still here.  Do you ever just need a break from the online world for a big dose of real life?  I know I do.

Every now and then I need to disconnect so I can play in the dirt or go for a joy ride on my bicycle.

In fact, I’ve recently fallen back in love with my vintage bicycle.  For a long time I forgot how fun it is to ride because bicycle are our only mode of transportation and to be honest, mine has been kicking my butt BIG TIME!  The main problem is she doesn’t shift, so she’s been stuck in a gear that was a tad difficult.  I kept thinking riding would get easier as I built up my riding muscles, but that just hasn’t been happening.  So on a whim I rode her to a bicycle repair shop to get some quotes.  The lack of shifting isn’t the only problem, but it’s the most annoying by far.  Another annoyance has been the lack of any racks and/or a basket, which I’ve recently remedied thanks to a Craigslist purchase that turned out to be much too small a bike for me.

Now with a few beneficial accessories it’s so much easier to bring home the groceries.  She’s got a rear rack and a front basket.

The repairs that are needed turned out to be quite affordable and the little extra money I have coming at the end of this month will go towards that.  I’m looking forward to an easier ride in just a few weeks!  🙂

I’ve also talked to a powder coating company locally who is willing to pick up and deliver my bike back to me.  So not only is she going to be in tip top working order, she’ll be extra beautiful as well soon.  Right now she’s showing her age…but a true lady never tells her age, right?  LOL!

Hrmm…I keep calling my bike a “she”.  Does this mean she needs a name?  My very dear best friend gives her favorite things names.  Something to think about, any suggestions?

You’ll be seeing more of my lovely Schwinn as I do a few DIY projects and give her the much needed makeover.  I figure living a bicycle lifestyle goes right along with the theme of my life and blog, so why would I not talk about that part of my life? 

Cycling is more than just for exercise: it’s a way to connect with your world and community in ways you can never do from a car.  Plus we save a ton of money by not owning a car.  Think of all the expenses that go with vehicle ownership: gas, insurance, maintenance, repairs…. A bicycle is definitely the greener option.  The more I look into cycling as a lifestyle the more I realize it doesn’t matter where you live; city or country can be an enjoyable place to ride.  I certainly do not live in a bicycle-friendly area.

Another reason I take periodic mini-breaks from being online is because writing really isn’t in my nature.  So it takes a lot out of me.  I LOVE what I do and I love writing for myself and for all my wonderful readers.  I just have to stop and breathe every now and then to enjoy life.

I hope you all understand!  And I hope YOU take breaks from being online from time to time to spend time with your families and in the out of doors.

Here’s to much needed breaks!!!!

Now back to our regularly scheduled lives…. 😉


2 responses to “I’m still here…

  1. Nothing wrong with getting away from ANYTHING repetitive, even a good thing.

    Just keep writing, at least from time to time 🙂


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