Product Review: Vision Herbs and Gifts Handmade Goodies

I recently won a giveaway from Vision Herbs.  In discussing how to get my prize to me, Jennifer offered to send me a few of her products to try out and share with you all, since she was already sending me some goodies anyway.  Of course I jumped at the chance!  Do you think I’d turn down an opportunity to receive some homemade herbals goodies?  No way, not me!

{PSST ~ there’s an offer for you in here, so be sure to read all the way through the post so you don’t miss it!}

Within just a few days the most delicious box arrived.  In addition to the giveaway items won, I recieved:

Organic Wellness Tea Blend
Cooling Footsie Butter
Bug-Off Bug Spray
Lemongrass Stick Deodorant
Aloe/Calendula Bar Soap

Let me just tell you, when I opened this box the blend of scents inside from all the essential oils was amazing!  Even my cats were all like: “WHAT? What is all this?”  They stiffed everything for quite a long time while I was checking it all out.  We all enjoyed the smells very much, I think!  😉

Cooling Footsie Butter

The first thing I tried was the Footsie Butter.  I’ll just be honest here, I have terribly cracked/callused feet.  I go barefoot quite a lot or wear flip flips most of the year, and neither make for very soft girlie feet.  Not that I have gross hobbit feet or anything.  My heals stay cracked as well as along the inside of my big toes (for some weird reason).  I think this is a normal problem, or else there wouldn’t be so many commercials for products and pinterest posts about healing these troubles.

Anyway, the Footsie Butter is amazing!  I used it immediately after my shower just before going to bed for the first two days.  On the third day I took a pumice stone, very lightly, to the problem areas.  Immediately all was buffed off and I don’t remember the last time my feet were this soft!  This beats out the shea butter lotion I made a couple of months ago for sure!

Seriously, I need a whole VAT of the footsie butter!!  A lifetime supply would be nice!  😀

Bug-Off Bug Spray

I tested out the bug spray last weekend when Honey and I were spending a bit of time outside.  We have a mostly stagnant creek, if you could call it that, behind our place and again being in Florida can you guess the problem we have?  If you guessed mosquitoes then you win!!  Most of the year we have them in swarms.  They’re relentless.

So to test out the bug spray I first went outside without any on just to see what the status of our infestation was like that particular day.  Sure enough, I got bit no less than 5 times within minutes of being out there.  So I marched myself right back inside and proceeded to spray every piece of exposed skin with the Bug-Off Bug Spray and then went back outside.  No more bites for the majority of the afternoon.  I actually forgot completely that we even have the horrible monsters here.  Late in the evening, literally as I was about to go back inside, I got one bite.  I had pretty much expected to have to reapply way before then so I figured that was pretty great!

Conclusion: LOVE IT!  There’s nothing harmful in this bug spray at all.  I hate commercial bug sprays so badly that even given where I live I avoid them at all costs.  I do NOT want to put pesticides like DEET on my body.  Now essential oils ~ I can do that.

I’ve attempted to make my own bug repellents in the past from various recipes I’ve found through out the year and they all end up being a bit too oily.  I couldn’t even tell I had sprayed anything on my skin after this one dried.  It’s definitely now a very important part of my day hiking bag and to be used anytime I head outdoors.

Organic Wellness Tea Blend

I haven’t gotten sick yet this year ~ could be due to all the elderberry syrup we’ve been taking to ward anything off ~ but I will tell you this is a super yummy blend of tea.  It contains: alfalfa, peppermint, nettle leaf, raspberry leaf and yarrow leaf.  I am actually sipping a mug of it right now as I’m typing this.  It’s not overly minty.  I think there’s a good balance of all the herbs.  Very mild and soothing.  I can see how this will be very nice if I do end up getting sick. 

Aloe/Calendula Bar Soap

I asked Jennifer which soap would be best for super dry skin and this was her recommendation.  Oddly enough I haven’t even used it in the shower as of yet.  It has been sitting next to the bathroom sink for hand washing and it’s so nice!  You can ask my daughter and BFF ~ I have a serious weakness for “yummy” handmade soaps and this one is quite nice!  It’s very mildly scented, as you would expect from calendula.

Jennifer, or her daughter, do not actually make this soap.  It’s made by someone else, but they sell it through their website.  If you purchase any you are still supporting Vision Herbs and Gifts.

Lemongrass Stick Deodorant

I actually got this with my Honey in mind.  As bad as I know anti-perspirant deodorant is, I’ve never been happy when I tried anything different.  But I ended up using this deodorant more than he did.

I will say it doesn’t really stay a “stick” here in hot, humid Florida very well.  But I expected that since it has coconut oil in it.  I’ve been leaving it in the fridge and just before I get in the shower I take it out, so it can warm up just a tad for use.  If it could be in a “roll-on” style container it would be perfection!  For me anyway.  😉

Honey didn’t use it much because it is just too liquidy for him.  Overall he has the least dry skin I’ve ever known anyone to have without it becoming an oily condition.  Even very light lotions just sit on his skin without soaking in.  So with the oils in this deodorant you can imagine how that went for him.  My skin, on the other hand, is like a sponge.  It can’t seem to soak oils and lotions in fast enough.

My experience?  It actually works!  The only time I noticed it not 100% working was when I had to ride the bus to go grocery shopping on a very hot day.  If you’ve never grocery shopped via city bus, then you just don’t understand how much work that is.  And unavoidably you don’t get done shopping right when the bus is coming back for you to catch it to go back home.  There is a wait and the bus stops aren’t all that shaded.  Other than that time, it worked like a champ for me.  In fact, it smells so good it’s hard to keep from sniffing my pits all the time ~ is that weird?  HAHA!!

About Vision Herbs and Gifts

Jennifer started this business with her teenage daughter a few years ago.  I won’t retell her story, but will share her own words with you on this post on her website:  Purposeful Nutrition: Healing With Food.

I don’t know about you, but I just LOVE to support home-based and small family owned companies.  Especially when their products are so purely made like these are. 

An Offer for YOU, my very special readers!

Jennifer has so sweetly offered a free gift with purchase to any of my readers.  If you spend at least $20 at Vision Herbs and Gifts you will receive the Cooling Foot Butter absolutely free!

Free offer expires two weeks from the date of this post going live.  Be sure to either send a message to Jennifer or use the note field when ordering to let her know that you are purchasing because of my post.  Tell her TheHippyGardener sent you and she’ll be sure to include your free gift when she ships out your order.

Come back and tell me what goodies you get and what you think of them.  I’d love to know.  🙂

Don’t forget to sign up for my Occasional Newsletter!

By the way ~ I’m not affiliated with Vision Herbs and Gifts in any way.  Jennifer sent me products as a gift to try for review purposes.  I just love her products and felt that some of you may as well.  🙂


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  1. Awesome! Oddly, I didn’t know Jennifer had a business like this. Can’t wait to try :).

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