September is National Preparedness Month

Are YOU prepared in case of an emergency or a SHTF situation?  I’m definitely not one of those OMG-something-terrible-could-happen-at-any-moment type of people, but the reality is hurricane’s, earthquakes and any number of other disasters can and do happen all the time.  And quite frankly it seems that we are losing more of our rights all the time.  Can you fend for yourself, and survive, if SHTF?

Take this simple and quick quiz to find out your level of preparedness.


How did you score?  I know mine was a lot lower than I expected it to be.  It called me a struggler!  LOL!  Well, on September 16th we’ve got a great eBook bundle coming to help you get organized and ready for anything.  I don’t know if it will help you in a zombie apocalypse, but we’ve definitely got any other situation covered!  You’ll even learn about ways to prepare that you might not ever think about.

So stay tuned and get ready for this AMAZING bundle you won’t want to miss out on!

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