This Morning’s Walk thru the Garden


This morning I was out in the garden planting more seeds (for succession gardening) and making sure it was all watered well before the day’s heat kicks in.  We still need to plant the new seeds that came in last weekend, but I’ll get to that during the cool of the mornings this week and into the weekend.

We have a little bit of everything coming in now, thought not as many seeds took off as I’d hope would.  But given this is our first attempt at a garden I’m really not all that surprised. 

I thought I’d share some garden love with you.

We have 5 cabbage seeds that have sprouted.

A handful of carrots are popping up to say “Good morning”.

I’m so pleased with the Elderberry cuttings.  Two completely died, but there are still 4 that seem to be going strong now.

The grapefruit of unknown origin, a.k.a. grocery store variety, is still going strong in it’s ice cream container. 

Also a handful of the black seeded Simpson lettuce that we won in a giveaway last month are coming up.  I planted a few more today as a precaution.

This is the random pepper plant my honey rescued from near death at a local nursery over a year ago.  The original plant had died in the summer heat, but we had saved some seeds that came up this summer.

This particular zucchini plant is really going nutso! 

Already it has a ton of blooms on it.

All the seeds that we’ve planted so far, except for the grapefruit and pepper, came from my affiliate supplier My Patriot Supply.  We’re having tremendous success with their heirloom seeds.

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What’s growing in YOUR fall garden?



Disclaimer: Many of my blog posts contain affiliate links.  I only team up with a company to be an affiliate who offers products that I believe in whole-heartedly!  Purchasing through an affiliate link allows me to keep blogging and sharing what I learn with you.  It won’t make me rich for sure, but is a bit like buying me a cup of coffee or leaving a tip for service and is very much appreciated.  Thanks for your wonderful support!


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