Pantry Paratus Photo Contest


bulletin board final 500x375

My friends over at Pantry Paratus are hosting a photo contest and the prizes are AWESOME!!!  The cool part is there will be 7, yes SEVEN, winners in this contest!!!   The categories are “Canning” and “Food Preservation”.

Grand Prize:

$200 worth of Pantry Paratus’ best offerings!

3 Winners in each of the following categories:

1st: $150 worth of super-awesomeness
2nd: $100 worth of must-have usefulness
3rd: $50 worth of oh-my-goodness-LOVE-that

All prizes courtesy of Pantry Paratus

So head on over to the Pantry Paratus Blog Post (<——– the link) for all the fun, and technical, details!

And send your pics to for your entries, but make double sure you read all the official contest rules here.  One entry per category, per person please.  The deadline to get your pics in is September 20th!

Good luck!!!


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