Green Your Life – One Period at a Time!! FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup Review

This month….well ok this post is a little late, I was supposed to get it posted a little over a week ago.  We’ve had gardening chores and other things get in the way, so I’m doing some catch up today.  So anyway, this month I’m introducing you to a menstrual cup of a completely different style than any of the others I’ve seen.  It’s called the FemmyCycle.

FemmyCycle Facts:

Made by:  FemCap, Inc.
Country of origin: USA
Lifespan: 1 year
Composition:  Medical Grade Silicone
Sizes:  one size
Dimensions:  51 mm diameter x 38 mm length
Stem:  It’s more of a handle and they give no dimensions for it
Capacity: up to 1 ounce
Measuring Lines:  none
Cost (USD): $39.95 for a twp pack
Guarantee: Their website states: “The FemmyCycle is easy to use. If you can use tampon you should be able to use the FemmyCycle. This is an intimate device and thus our return policy prohibits returns.”
Other: Received the Why Didn’t I Think of That? Award, in 2012, at the Medical Device and Diagnostics Expo.
Company FAQs



The unique spill-proof design is quite intriguing.  When you are using the cup the top is folded into itself (as shown on the right side of the below photo)

FemmyCycle final design approved by FDA

FemmyCycle is designed to not open fully when inserted, like all other menstrual cups are designed to do, which makes it a tad awkward to get used to.  And if you have a very low cervix (2” or less from your vaginal opening) then you will have problems using it.

It has a ring instead of a stem, which makes it very easy to remove.

It comes with a full page of color instructions on hard card stock paper.  The pouch snaps closed, it feels like the same material that the reusable grocery store bags are made of and it is large enough to hold two cups.

The material is shiny and smooth with no markings on it at all.  It’s a lot thinner than the other cups I have, which I think is part of why it is recommended to replace them yearly.


To be honest I struggled with this one.  I think it might just be my crazy positioned cervix, but I didn’t like that it doesn’t fully open.  I had problems with leakage nearly the whole time using it because it just wouldn’t sit around my cervix quite right.  The website says it should be good for 12 hours without tending to…I was not able to go one 12-hour stretch.

The above photo was the easiest fold for me to insert the FemmyCycle.  If I tried any others it just wouldn’t go in right at all.  And like I already said, it never fully opens.   But there was a few short spans of time, maybe an hour or two at a time, that I was able to go without any leaks at all.  Thank goodness for the cloth menstrual pads I am also reviewing (next post)!

It was also a tad too long for me.  I kept having to re-adjust it.

Having said all that ~ I think it’s a really cool design.  A lot of women really like it and are able to use these cups successfully.  While I’m not giving up on it completely, I will try this cup a few more times before deciding setting them aside, at this point I’m just not sure if this is the cup for me.

I don’t feel it’s quite as economical as the other menstrual cups since it doesn’t last near as long.  For about the same price you can get a cup that will last you 10 years or more.  I’m all about saving as much money as possible, if you can’t tell.  That’s part of my point in going to reusables.  That, to me, is part of being environmentally friendly.

Next month’s menstrual cup review will be on the BellaCup!  But don’t miss my next few posts on the rest of this month’s reviews.  I’m working on writing the posts for sea sponge tampons and two cloth pad brands.  Those will go up over the next couple of days.

Until next time, take care my friends!


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14 responses to “Green Your Life – One Period at a Time!! FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup Review

  1. I was interested in this cup as thought it to be an ingenious design, the no spill factor is a real boon. Plus the fact that it comes in a 2 pack would be good for some families. I am a cup user and am happy with the one I have but its always good to look at alternatives and know what is out there! Look forward to reading about the Bella Cup 🙂

    • I really like the design and no spill factor as well. I was bummed it didn’t work out so far, but I’ll keep trying it. The only drawback is it doesn’t last as long as most cups do. But having to buy once every year or two is still better than monthly. 😉

    • Yeah I think the whole replace every year thing is not necessary if the cup is made from medical grade silicone. Divacup recommends this too but can use until it starts to perish in reality!

  2. I have the diva cup and have used it for about a year. Love it~

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  5. Hi. I work with the creator of the FemmyCycle. I wasn’t interested in trying it because I’m really busy and was worried about leaks. Still, FemmyCycle’s creator insisted I try it, so I said, “Fine, but I’m resurfacing my doorstep today, and it’s probably not going to stand up to that level of activity.” I mixed, poured and spackled cement for hours with no problems at all. Couldn’t even feel it. I’d never used a menstrual cup so I didn’t find it odd that it didn’t open all the way. I did a standard C fold and it worked perfectly. My advice is not to try to use it the way you use other menstrual cups. It’s just too different. Don’t worry about covering your cervix. Your vaginal wall will conform to the design. Thanks for the blog!

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  7. Hi!. I’ve been using femmycycle since 3 months and have experienced leakage only twice, but maybe it was me that did not fold it properly. So I was looking for reviews of different foldings as it must be only C way in instructions. So your picture just made me curious. Anyway Femmy is the only cup that gives me the opportunity to change it after 4 hours as my flow is so heavy during 2 days. I got the twin pack at and I’ve been using only 1.

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  9. I recently purchased the femmycycle menstrual cup because I love the concept of a “No-Spill Design”. I must admit, I don’t like femmycycle menstrual cup. I have been using menstrual cups for about 3 years now, but this cup does not live up to its standards. First, the design of the cups is very bulky; thus, making it difficult to hold during the inserting process. Second, I did experience leaking during my menstruation which I have never had with other menstrual cups. Finally, the “No-Spill Design” is inaccurate, because I did have spilling when removing the femmycycle menstrual cup. Overall the femmycycle menstrual cup was very disappointing to me and a waste of my money.

    • Hi, thanks for your comment! Unfortunately I have not had luck with this cup either. I’ve given it several tries since posting this review too. I also find it WAY too bulky, but then again so far all the larger cups I’ve tried don’t work for me because my cervix is ridiculously low during most of my cycle. The FemmyCycle is definitely larger than all the other large cups I’ve tried. Although a lot of women DO like it and use it successfully. What other cups (and sizes) have you used and been successful with?

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