Finally Back to Gardening

I’m so excited to report that we are officially gardeners once more! 

I’ve had a grapefruit seedling going for quite a few weeks and it’s doing wonderfully!  It’s my first experience with sprouting a citrus seed and I was quite amazed at how easy  it was.

Next I hope to get my hands on some lemon seeds that do well in a patio planter.  We are renting right now, so that’s not really something I want to plant in the ground.

We recently purchased some heirloom seeds from My Patriot Supply.  Honey~Face found them from a Google search and they have the cheapest (but high quality) heirloom seeds we’ve found.  Super fast shipping and great service!

We started out with just a few seed packets that are good to plant this month, in our area, for a fall harvest: Danver Carrots, Sugar Beets, Golden Acre Cabbage, Lemon Cucumber, Cocozelle Squash Zucchini and Pinto Bush Beans. 

We decided first on the pinto beans in a bucket.  We soaked 3 beans overnight and planted them on a Monday morning (7/29/13).  Here they are at just 3 days after being planted:

Exactly one week from being planted these babies are really growing well.  They get 1 to 2 waterings per day as it’s pretty hot here right now.

And this is the pic I took this morning.  All staked up properly and looking super fab!  Pinto beans are one of our favorite beans to keep on hand so I’m really excited to have such happy looking plants.  We only planted 3 beans in this bucket, yet somehow there’s a 4th plant coming up.  ???  It’s definitely a bean plant as it looks identical to the others ~ so I’m not complaining!!  We’ll be separating these out since 4 plants in a bucket is just too crowded.  Perhaps We’ll put 3 in the ground and leave one in the bucket to see where they grow the best.


We also have a little pepper plant growing.  Honey~Face rescued this from a nursery for $1.  Don’t really know the variety, but it was just so sad looking we couldn’t leave it there.  The original plant died back over the winter and this one came up this spring from a seed he planted in the pot.

Just as an experiment I planted some of the ginger root I got from the grocery.  I believe this root said it was from China, but it’s the only thing I have available to me so it’s what we get.  It makes a really good ginger bug for making ginger ale.  Well, they are growing quite well and I’m hoping they’ll get thick enough to cover up the ugly side of the trailer.  LOL!!!

For the other seeds we created a little garden bed.  It doesn’t look too pretty yet, but hopefully it will when the cucumber, cabbage, carrots, zucchini and beets are growing.  We’re still dealing with a ton of weeds.  This bed is in the little strip of front yard we have along a non-functional fence.  As we get seeds we’ll be clearing out little areas at a time to eventually have the whole front yard be our veggie garden.  I’m wanting to get my hands on some shipping pallets to tear apart to make walk-ways in there as well.

Of the 3 zucchini that have sprouted, this is the largest so far.  One of them had gotten eaten by the giant grasshoppers we have here that they call Lubbers (I swear they are 5 inches long and about 1 1/2 inches thick!!!).  But it has a new leaf coming out, so I think it’s gonna be ok.

Well, that’s our gardening news for now!  It feels so good to finally be doing it again and knowing we’re on the road to being more self-reliant.  Our plan is to start small and slowly add more veggies to our garden over time.  Eventually it would be wonderful to be growing all the fruits and veggies that we normally buy from the grocery.

What’s going on in YOUR garden these days?


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6 responses to “Finally Back to Gardening

  1. Isn’t it nice to get back in to the swing of things? Grapefruit is my favorite citrus as well, but I’ve never tried to actually grow one. It will be exciting to watch the progress!

    I’d love love for you to share this over at Homemade Mondays:

  2. We have a lemon and lime tree on our back deck, inside in the winter. We love them!

  3. I have plants on my porch – a big step for me and smething I’ve wanted for a long time. Just needed the porch! And Heather’s continued enouragement.

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