Green Your Life ~ One Period at a Time!! RubyCup Review

It’s finally time for my very first menstrual cup review post!  This month I’m introducing you to the RubyCup and here are the lovely ladies who founded the company!


RubyCup is a sustainable menstrual hygiene product that is reusable for 10 years.  It’s a hygienic and eco-friendly alternative to pads and tampons.

“RubyCup has a very special mission of supporting girls in developing countries who don’t have anything to use during their periods.  Every time you buy a RubyCup, they give a cup to a schoolgirl in Kenya.

Menstruation is a main cause of school dropout for girls in poverty.  Pads and tampons are too expensive or unavailable, and girls are forced to use alternatives such as mud, bark, rags, cloth or pieces of newspaper.  As well as being undignified and unhygienic, these alternatives are not safe, and girls stay home.  This amounts to 20% of their school time.”

You can read their full 2013 press release here.






RubyCup facts:
Made by:  Makit
Country of origin: Denmark
Lifespan: 10 years
Composition:  Medical Grade Silicone
Sizes:  one size
Dimensions:  45 mm diameter x 51 mm length
Stem: 17 mm
Capacity: 34 mL
Measuring Lines: yes, .5 mL, 1 mL, 1.5 mL
Cost (USD): $37.29
Guarantee: Ruby Cup can be returned within 30 days with the packaging intact with a full return. If there should be any problem with the product, please do not hesitate to contact us. So far that has never happened, but just in case.
Been around since:  2005
Other: ‘Ruby Cup’ is the winner of The Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition 2012 (US), Venture Cup 2012 (DK), a selected Sustainia 100 Solution, Finalist in Ben & Jerry’s Join Our Core 2012 (EU), Awarded Future Impact Award 2nd prize 2012 (CH)


You may feel that these posts are a bit TMI ~ but I want to give a full honest review and share how using a menstrual cup works.  I feel like if we have to live with having a period every month we may as well stop being shy about talking about it.  Don’tcha think?

To insert the RubyCup  I used what’s called the seven fold, where you basically squeeze the rim flat and fold one side down as shown below.

















Inserting the cup was pretty easy I thought.  The firmness of this cup helps it pop back open once inserted.  The only problem that I had during the first day was really my own fault, I missed my cervix completely.  Instead of figuring out where my cervix was sitting at that point, very low and towards the front, I just assumed it knew it was pretty far back in and I positioned the cup accordingly.  This caused leakage and some extra cramping that I don’t normally get for a while the first day, so make sure you know your own body!

Once I got everything situated correctly I had no problems for the remainder of my period.  The RubyCup is comfortable and stays in place.  Removal is pretty simple, just grasp the stem and move it down enough to get hold of the base of the cup, give it a little squeeze to release the suction and tilt it out.  Empty, rinse and reinsert.  Depending on how heavy my flow was on different days I was able to go a minimum of a couple of hours to several hours before needing to empty it.

The Cup Itself

Around the cup just under the rim you will see four air holes.  This helps the cup to fully open once inserted, but it also indicates the highest point you can fill the cup up to.  a few weeks ago, I read somewhere, that the average woman only bleeds a total of about an ounce to an ounce and a half through their whole cycle.  That would really only be enough to fill the RubyCup once and make you believe that you wouldn’t have to empty it until your period is over.  Well…..from what I’ve been reading that is not the norm and I filled it up every couple of hours on my heaviest day.  I say that to warn you to just be careful and check it kind of often until you get to know how your cycle flows.  Believe me, all these years you’ve been using tampons or pads has not allowed you to be familiar with your flow.

The stem has seven rows of raised dots surrounding it to help you get a grip on it when removing the RubyCup.

You may even find that you need to remove part or all of the stem, as I did.  If you have a low cervix and the cup sits too low then it might be uncomfortable or even stick out a little.

As you can vaguely see below there are measuring lines and the RubyCup logo imprinted on the inside of the cup.  At times it can be helpful to measuring the amount of flow you experience throughout your cycle.  If not for whatever medical reasons this might be needed, perhaps you just want to understand your body a bit better.


And it comes with a cute little bag with the logo on it to store it in between your periods or for travel.

I have to say that I really like the RubyCup!  It was a good feeling to have a positive period experience with an alternative product to disposables.  I would definitely recommend the RubyCup and I love their mission to help girls in Kenya!


You can read RubyCup’s Terms and Conditions here.

Disclaimer: As with anything new there is a learning curve.  Your experience may be much simpler than mine or can be difficult at first.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions, menstrual cup companies are more than happy to assist you if you have any problems.  We all want you to have a positive experience.


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