Blog Plans – A Couple of Upcoming Post Series

Fermented Foods!

This one will be a weekly post, since most ferments take roughly a week to complete.  And actually I have some catching up to do with this one because I’ve already gotten started with it: Kvass, flavored Water Kefir and homemade Ginger Ale are just a few of the wonderful beverages we’re going to explore.  There will be others as well, but I’ll leave those as a surprise.

I’ve talked about sourdough in the past, so I won’t repost about the starter, but you will see some successes and some failures in my endeavor to learn bread making.  Bread can be tricky to master, so I want to share the learning process with you as well.

I’m also going to talk about fermented dairy products and making different cheese at home.

Green your life ~ one period at a time!! 

Ok fellas, let this be fair warning to you ~ this next series is for the ladies only.

Ladies we’re about to get real personal all out in the open!  We’re going to start thinking about all those products we use and throw away each month.  You know the ones of which I speak ~ feminine care products!  How can we really call ourselves “green” when we generate so much trash each cycle?  Did you know that the average woman spends around $150 a year on disposable menstrual products?  And that’s only if she has an average period.  If yours is heavier it could cost you more.

I’m not sure how many of you are aware of this, but you have other options.  And they’re not gross or messy!  Have no idea what they are?  Well, I’m going to introduce you to menstrual cups, reusable and washable pads and sea sponge tampons.  That’s right ~ that last one is Sea Sponge Tampons!  What do you think ladies used for thousands of years before modern conveniences came into play?  Well, that was one of them.

This will be a long series.  I’m currently in the process of contacting every company I can find to see who is willing to send a sampling of their products for me to review.  So far I’ve got positive word back from FemmeCup, DivaCup and LunaPads.  And I have a set of Sea Sponges in route to me currently.  Each month I’m hoping to review a different menstrual cup and a different brand of pads.  I’ll give you as much detail about the product and company as I can as well as my experiences with them.


One response to “Blog Plans – A Couple of Upcoming Post Series

  1. Beverly Dittmer

    I’m looking forward to the info you’ll share. You’re so generous with your knowledge. Glad to see you getting active on your blog!

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