Traditional Foods eCourse–Correction to Post

I’m am such a dork sometimes.  I have no idea where my mind was last night.  Maybe it was just because I was writing so late.  Ok, so…remember in my post from last night where I said…..let me just go grab it:  “I’m currently bouncing between the first Fundamentals course and the Cultured Dairy & Basic Cheese Making course.”  That’s half lies!!  LIES I TELL YOU!  While I did spend a good amount of time reading through the Cultured Dairy & Basic Cheese Making course yesterday afternoon ~ that is NOT the 2nd course I’m working on right now.  So allow me to correct myself here:

I’m currently bouncing between the first Fundamentals course and the SOURDOUGH course.

That’s more like it! 

I’ll go ahead and post here what the lesson titles are, since I did that for the other two last night.

  1. Starting a Starter and Caring for a Starter and Gluten-Free Sourdough
  2. Sourdough Routines: An Interview with Three Bloggers
  3. Tortillas & Tortilla Chips
  4. Cakes: Chocolate & Spice
  5. No-Knead Sourdough Bread with many uses
  6. Spelt Sandwich Bread & Varieties: Dinner Rolls, Hamburger Buns, and Swirl Loaf
  7. English Muffins & Sandwich Ideas
  8. Skillet Pancakes and Waffles
  9. Cinnamon Rolls
  10. Crepes & Crepe Cakes
  11. Basic Muffin & Variations
  12. Crackers: Plain, Cheese and Variations
  13. Honey Whole Wheat Bread
  14. Gingerbread
  15. Pizza Crust, Pizza Pockets and Breadsticks
  16. Pasta
  17. Traditional Pocket Bread & Middle Eastern Pizza
  18. Corn Bread, Muffins & Fritters
  19. Donuts
  20. Biscuits
  21. Pot Pie
  22. Basic Scones & Variations
  23. Dehydrating / Preserving a Starter
  24. Bonus! Cookies
  25. Bonus! Cheese Pie

Whew!  That’s quite a list, huh?  I am absolutely ecstatic to get to make all these wonderful foods!  And that includes the cheeses in the Cultured Dairy & Basic Cheese Making course!  That will be the 3rd eCourse I go through ~ simultaneous with the Fundamentals II hopefully.

I’ve always been a huge fan of breads, but only recently started liking sourdough.  I love that between the souring process and with further soaking all the grains in each recipe these breads are actually good for you.  Yes, you read that right ~ they are GOOD FOR YOU!!  They’re not just yummy empty carbs anymore and won’t make you fat.

Here are a few facts about grains:

  • Grains are seeds and are designed to remain stable until germination.  Our digestive system cannot digest them unless we take proper measures in preparing them.
  • Phytic Acid is in the outer layer (bran) of whole grains.  This binds with calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc in the intestinal track, blocking mineral absorption.  So eating a diet high in untreated, cooked grains can lead to mineral deficiencies and bone loss.
  • Enzyme Inhibitors are present in raw, untreated and uncooked whole grains and seeds.  Enzyme Inhibitors prevent our digestive enzymes from doing their job properly.
  • Proteins in grains, such as gluten, are difficult to digest.  The process of soaking (also known as fermenting) grains partially breaks down the proteins into a more easily digestible food.

Phytic Acid and Enzyme Inhibitors are also known as anti-nutrients.  The process of soaking (and sprouting) grains and seeds helps to neutralize these anti-nutrients, greatly increasing digestibility and vitamin content as a result.

I will be sure to show you all the wonderful goodies I make from this eCourse!  I’ll be getting started with the cooking this weekend.

Disclaimer: Many of my blog posts contain affiliate links. Purchasing through an affiliate link allows me to keep blogging and sharing what I learn with you. It is a bit like leaving a tip for service and is very much appreciated.


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