GIVEAWAY: Raw Milk Grass-Fed Cheese Sampler

Food RENEGADE is hosting a giveaway that I wanted to share with you.  Go to their site, HERE, for all the ways to sign up.  Here are the details (as seen on their page):


What You’ll Win

A Classic Sampler of cheeses, which includes:

  • 2 8oz. packages of Cheddar,
  • 2 8oz. packages of Colby,
  • 2 8oz. packages of Herbal Jack,
  • 2 8oz. packages of Pepper Jack, and
  • 2 8oz. packages of Garlic & Chives

If bought separately, these cheeses would quickly add up to $81 and some change. But when purchased as a sample pack, the price drops to a mere $58.50.

How To Enter

1. Click on the link below. It will take you to Real Milk Cheese‘s website, where you will be invited to join their Prestigious Cheese Society. Take it from me, you should join. That’s because membership is completely free and immediately entitles you to a 10% discount on all your purchases from them. And the only cost to you? Getting an occasional newsletter in your email or Facebook account letting you know about special deals or offers. SO WORTH IT! So, click on the link below. Join the Prestigious Cheese Society. And come back here and leave a comment letting me know you did so.

Click here to enter to win a classic sampler package of raw, grass-fed cheese from Real Milk Cheese — an $81 value!

After you’ve joined the Prestigious Cheese Society, you must come back HERE and comment letting [Food Renegade] know you’ve done so. If you fail to do this, your entries will not be counted!

See Food Renegade’s original post for additional chances to win.

Good luck!


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