Our Trip to the Meat Market

Oh my goodness!!  I have to tell you what an exciting day we had today.  And I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to tell you.  Maybe, dear readers, just maybe you have heard of this place they call a Meat Market?  I could never have dreamed what an awesome place these things are.   I couldn’t believe how inexpensive everything they sell is (and they did sell a few other things besides meat).  We walked all through the store looking at all the packaged meats marveling at the amazing prices.  They had huge chunks of I don’t know what sorts of cuts for a third of what we saw them priced in the grocery.  And these chunks of meat were twice as big as the grocery store meat.  We could literally afford to have elaborate dinner parties, on our limited budget, and feed everyone with leftovers to boot.   And still be able to feed ourselves for the month.  Well, it got better…we made our way to the butcher section where they have all the cuts for you to pick out, assisted by the butchers themselves.  When lo and behold we looked up to see the huge banners listing the special packages you can get.  Freezer Specials they called them.   They had specials ranging in price from $38 to $140, depending on how much meat you want to purchase at a time.   The largest one, I’m guessing, could feed a family of four for an entire month.  Maybe a little longer, I don’t know.  We settled on one of the middle ones and when we got it home, here’s what it looks like:

That includes:

5 Charcoal Steaks
1 Round Steak
2 – 3 lb. Fresh “Grade A” Fryers
1 pkg. Meaty Spare Ribs
2 pkgs.. Country Sliced Bacon
10 – 1/4 lb. Chopped Chuck Patties (we forgot to include these in the picture)
2 Pkgs. Lean Short Rib Stew
10 Tender Lean Cubed Steaks
10 Pork Chops
1 Beef Roast
2 – 1 lb. pkgs. Country Pan Sausage

We got a bigger variety of meats than we can normally afford too.  So we can stop being bored with our meals and have fun planning new things.  I don’t even know what a “charcoal steak” is, but I’ll soon be finding out.   Open-mouthed smile

Plus we picked out a few extra packages:

The three packages in the bottom right corner (backs, necks & livers) are actually for cat food.  Each package was around $2.00.  The top left package is a huge bag of gizzards we got as well that is part of the cat food.  All that will equal about a month’s worth of food for Audrey for a total of about $12.00.  Small bags of the expensive grocery store kibble costs more than that.  And that’s not even looking at the price of the bags sold in vet offices.  We’ll have to add a bit more meat without bones to this mixture for her, but can you imagine how much more healthy this is for her than kibble.  For around the same cost or less of what we used to pay before switching over to a Raw Diet for her.  Incidentally, she’ll also get the blood that is packaged with the organ meats.

Also showing in this picture is 3 lbs. of chicken feet (for stock/broth) and fat back (for rendering lard).  The celery and carrots we picked up from there just because they had them and they can be thrown in the pot when making broths/stocks for added nutrients & flavor.

In the end we paid about $100 for everything.  The meat will certainly last us the whole month, we’re just left with needing to make a trip to the Farmers Market for our produce.  We’re slowly building up our collection of herbs growing in pots.  Right down the street from us is a small farm that sells eggs and honey.  Now to find a source for grains to sprout, raw milk & butter, and we’ll be set!  And for a lot less over-all than we’ve been spending up to now. 

Today felt a lot like Christmas!! Only better, because our loot will fill our tummies for a while.


6 responses to “Our Trip to the Meat Market

  1. Nice! And, I’m relieved to know those backs, necks and livers are for the cat! You scared me for a moment! 🙂

    • HAHA! And with the chicken feet as well, we could totally start working on some voodoo. In fact, we’ve been lovingly calling the chicken feet bone broth/stock we’re planning on making with them Voodoo Soup (new post coming soon…). teehee

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  3. Once you’ve found a good butcher shop/meat market, it almost feels like cheating or discovering some long lost secret. You get cheaper prices, better quality and selection (try finding specialty cuts like a pork belly in your local supermarket), and you’re typically supporting a local business. Whats not to love?

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