Homemade Apple Sauce

I whipped up a small batch of homemade apple sauce this afternoon.

I was first shown this by one of my step-mothers, who made simple yet delicious desserts like this often.  In fact, she’s the one I have to give most of the credit to for my ability to even cook (and garden) at all.  But that’s a whole other story itself.  Anyway…back to the apple sauce, there really is nothing to it at all.


Apples:  as many as you feel you need to make the amount of sauce you want to end up with.  Just keep in mind that they do cook down quite a bit.  For this batch I think I used 5 or 6.  I really didn’t count, though I guess for the sake of blogging I should have.  Peeled, sliced and cored.

Water: you only need to put about a half inch worth of water in the bottom of your pan.  Apples are mostly water, so they will create most of the liquid.  You might find that you need less water to begin with, or you can always drain some out later.

Sugar: this is option.  If the apples you use are a sweeter variety you  probably won’t need any sugar at all.  I chose to add a small amount of raw sugar to mind at the end of the cooking as I was mashing them up.

Cinnamon: if you like it in your sauce.


Cook on medium/low heat until apples are soft then mash with a fork to the desired consistency.  You can get fancy and put them through a food mill, or use a mixer for this.  But there really is no need, unless you’ve got the tools on hand and just feel like washing them.  Nyah-Nyah

And that’s that.  So much better than any apple sauce you’ll ever buy in the grocery.  And honestly, you parents out there have no excuse to not make this instead of buying it prepackaged as baby food.


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