Off topic: Epic Star Wars Marathon Movie Party

We had kind of an impromptu Star Wars party with our friend, Matt (who happens to sing/play guitar in a local band called Shattermat with two other friends of ours), last weekend.  The idea was to watch the movies in a different order so the story line makes better sense, leaving out episode One altogether since most of it is pointless to the story line.  We decided, or maybe it’s just a common fact, that the newly created episodes 1 thru 3 give away a lot of information that we aren’t supposed to know until sometime during episodes 4 thru 6.  For example in episode three we clearly know that Vader is Luke’s father AND that Luke has a twin sister.  Why then is it such a surprise in episode five when Vader tells Luke he’s his father?  And it makes both times Leia kisses Luke just gross.  Oh silly, silly George Lucas!!!  So the plan was to watch them in THIS episode order: IV, V, II, III & VI.

AAAANNNDDDD……the squirrels (Maddie & Zoe) got to come over for the party!!  WHOOHOO!!!!

The fellas!  SO excited to watch hours and hours of Star Wars:

Maddie was a Sims 2 nerd most of the weekend.  She really didn’t watch the movies at all once she remembered the game was on the laptop.


Anthony and I spent about an hour (I know, lots of planning here) on a library computer looking for ideas for themed food fun.  All of these foods were on several websites, so I’m not even going to try to give credit to one site for the recipes.  And you’ll have to excuse the fact that NONE of this food is healthy foods, like you normally read about on my blog.  Thinking smile *sigh*   We only had a few days to plan and we just threw caution to the wind and went conventional with it all.

First up:

Yoda Soda!!! 

It’s just Sprite, Green Hawaiian Punch (tastyish, but so bad for you) and french vanilla ice cream.  All the recipes for this called for lime sorbet, but neither of the fellas wanted that (or it did bad stuff to them if they eat it) so we just went with what we had ~ good ole Publix brand french vanilla.  OH BOY EVER TASTY THIS WAS!!!!

Darkside Chips & Dip! 

We bought organic blue corn chips and for the dip.  Anthony cooked up some dried black beans then smooshed half of them as if making refried beans.  THEN…..bum…bum…bum…, added the other half back in so there was some whole beans and melted in some shredded monterey jack cheese.  Pretty simple but MMMMMMM so good!!!! Smile

Tie Fighter Smores! 

Just what they look like: graham crackers, peanut butter and marshmallows.  Ok, so I told you already that these snacks were NOT healthy at all, right?  We remembered the next day that we had some Nutella in the cupboard that woulda been good in these, but oh well.  They were tasty even tho.


And the full food presentation…OH!  I almost forgot to mention the Millennium Falcon “Chicken” Quesadillas!  We also had breakfast planned: Princess Leia Buns (cinnamon rolls), in case the marathon lasted that long.

I never seem to end up in the pics on my blog since I’m usually the one taking the pics.  Confused smile  But here’s the rest of the gang just getting ready to chow down and watch the first movie ~ Episode 4: A New Hope!  The Star Wars sheet “table cloth” was brought over by Maddie ~ good thinkin’ kiddo!  Open-mouthed smile


Zoe really wasn’t that interested in the movies AT ALL!  After she ate she ran off to with the doll house and horse stable in the other room.  Maddie went right back to Simming until about 8:30 when she decided it was her bed time.  Matt took a nap during the first movie ~ I guess the full belly did him in.  But then he lasted pretty well through the night.  I think I fell asleep during episode II around midnight, I really don’t remember seeing much of it so it had to be shortly after it started.  The guys then said they decided to skip III and and put in VI, but they ended up sleeping through it and woke up as it was ending around 2:30am.  So, maybe if YOU decide to do this marathon movie party you should start way earlier in the day than around dinner time like we did.  Matt went on home at that point, so we didn’t get to enjoy the Princess Leia Buns together.

It was kind of crazy jumping back and forth through Star Wars time, but it was fun.  My impression is that I would have liked the newly made episodes I thru III a lot better if they were made “old school” to match IV thru VI, you know 70’s style.  But I get what Lucas was trying to do.  We also realized that we liked the original movies a lot better before they were remastered with added in scenes.  However, the yeti or snow monster or whatever he is called on that planet was a good addition in The Empire Strikes Back and well done.


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