Ants really are amazing little creatures.  And I’m not just talking about this sort of “Ant”.  TEEHEE!!!!!

But seriously, have you ever really sat and watched ants?  Or at the very least seen any documentaries on them?

The first thing we noticed when we came to stay in this house was the fire ant hills in the back yard.  It’s the bane of any Florida homeowner.  They will take over your entire yard if you let them get out of hand.  Not to mention if you have kids you can’t even let them go outside for fear of them getting stung everywhere.  I have memories of my little brother hauling ass across the yard to jump into the pond in our back yard because he accidentally got too close.  You don’t know you are under attack until they’ve covered your entire legs and sent out their little signal for all to sting at once.  IT’S HORRIBLE!!!  Right Robbie?  Winking smile

So, being the naturists we are, neither of us wanted to put out poison.  Especially since there is the pond right off the back yard. 

I’m guessing that most people in this neighborhood don’t think twice about putting out chemicals either for their lawns, to get rid of weeds or to kill the ants.  Maybe it’s an unfair guess, but most people I know don’t even consider that they could be harming our Earth.  But we just don’t want to be a part of it even if the next-door neighbors are doing it.  What we decided to do was to boil water to pour over the hills.  What happened next was quite interesting.  We noticed these brown patches on and near the ant hills.


Upon closer inspection we realized that the ants were carrying out the dead ants so not to have the nest contaminated with the dead.


I tried to get a good close picture to share, but these are as close as I could get and still have clear pictures.  Maybe a video would have been a little better.


We sat and watched ants carrying dead ants for a little while before I decided to snap some pics to share.  Obviously they had been doing it long before we noticed given the size of the piles.


Just thought I’d share!  Nerd smile


2 responses to “Nature: BRING OUT YOUR DEAD…

  1. Someone told me youcan also put out grit or oatmeal and when they eat it it expands their stomach and kills em.

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