A bit of catching up…

So…mamma tomato, papa tomato and baby tomato were walking down the street.  Baby tomato starts lagging behind, so papa tomato walks back and squishes him and says “catsup”!   Laughing out loud Rolling on the floor laughing Laughing out loud HAHAHAHAHA…..get it?  catsup….catch up…… HAHAHAHA……Laughing out loud

AHEM!!  Anyway, it’s been far too long since I’ve posted anything so it’s time for quite a bit of catsup…er…catching you up.  A lot has been going on and I’m going to try to let you in on it.  Some of you already know, some may not.  So for my blog followers out there, let me bring you up to speed.

Back in November we were evicted due to a job loss and the financial hardship that followed.  Here in Jacksonville there seems to be way too many people job hunting than the market can support.  For every application you put in there seems to be hundreds of others applying for that same job.  I’m sure it’s like that in a lot of places and it certainly doesn’t make for easy times.  My goal here is not to whine at you, just let you know that we are still kicking, though our heads may not be above water yet, we’re alive anyway.  And thanks to some wonderful friends we have not had to spend one single night in the SUV as of yet.

We are so fortunate to have such awesome friends.  We are now “house-sitting” for a friend of a friend, who has now become our friend, who has an amazing 4 bedroom house that’s basically been sitting empty since she moved to Atlanta almost a year ago.  It’s working out great for both of us.  She wanted someone here so there are no more attempted break-ins and we desperately needed a place to stay.  Though it’s about 30 minutes from anywhere we normally frequent in town, it’s a nice peaceful area.  Most of our belongings are still in a storage unit (30 minutes away from us).  We packed stuff to keep with us as if we would have to live out of the vehicle.  Which, after a lot of researching, we found out that some people choose to live that way for various reasons.  And it can be done quite comfortably.

There has been some work here and there.  Odd jobs to help us keep gas in the car and for personal items.  And we are eating well thanks to dear old Uncle Sam’s food stamps, which hopefully won’t be needed for very long.

….speaking of eating:  you should see, first hand, the kitchen we get to cook in right now (I’ll have to edit in a pic of that in a day or two, so watch for an update to this post).  I wish ~ OH HOW I WISH!!!! ~ I could have all our kitchen stuff set up in this house.  But the house IS partially furnished, so there are basic necessities to cook with.  I stand in this kitchen imagining all the wonderful homemade things we could make all at once: big batches of kombucha going all the time, homemade yogurt, lard, tallow and stocks ~ enough to have on hand all the time with enough extra to sell.  Homemade breads and other baked goods.

It would be too cool to set up separate bedrooms for the girls and an extra playroom.

In addition to having 4 bedrooms there are two small “rooms” just off the front foyer.  One is perfect for a reading nook adjacent to the living room.  The other would make a great craft room with my Navaho loom set up and sewing machines and a table in one corner for the girls to do crafty things on…..shelves and more shelves holding all my books…  Ok, so a girl can dream, right? Thinking smile

Our friend HAS mentioned the idea of maybe renting the house out at some point.  So maybe if all the stars & planets align just right and we get a decent income coming in we could rent it with a possible roommate in the 4th bedroom.  Maybe.

But for now we feel totally spoiled and so grateful for a roof to sleep under.  So really ~ in addition to updating you all on TheHippyGardener’s happenings lately, I’m also publically saying THANK YOU to our so sweet and generous new friend.  And to everyone who has been so caring through all this and helped us when they could.

More posts are in the works and soon to follow.  But I didn’t want to just throw any old random stuff up here without first an explanation on why it’s been so long.  We don’t have internet right now so we have to drive to Wi-Fi, which isn’t very far away but takes gas none-the-less.  AND we feel obligated to buy a coffee when we sit in Starbucks using up their internets for long periods of time.  So if anyone wants to donate some coffee money to keep the blog posts coming you can either use the Starbucks app via Facebook (if we’re FB friends) to send me an egift via Starbucks.com you can send an egift to my email address, HippyGardener@gmail.com.

Here is our view from the back of the house.  There are 6 or 7 geese that frequent this pond (one of many in the neighborhood), as well as two varieties of ducks and some other water-type birds.  Last week we even saw a pair of Cardinals.  I love spring time!!!

If we could live here slightly long-term I think it would be awesome to make this front area (inside the sidewalk) a beautifully landscaped edible garden.  Don’tcha think that would be cool just chocked full of veggies and maybe a fruit tree or two?  Winking smile


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