Seasonal Cleaning ~ Autumn

So it feels like fall just plopped itself right down on our heads all of a sudden.  Last night we slept with the windows open  and woke up to nice cool, crisp air.  It was quite delightful!  And the best part is we got to sleep under the clouds (a.k.a. soft, fluffy down comforter) all night long without waking up drenched in sweat in a panic to get the covers kicked off.  LOL!  Sleeping under the clouds makes the bed SO MUCH more comfortable!  BUT…. that wonderful cool, crisp air wafting through the apartment made us really need to turn off all the ceiling fans promptly upon getting out of bed.

Now I keep a pretty darn clean house, if I do say so myself…



The clouds…


BUT as soon as the fans stopped and we looked up THIS is what we saw:




I mean, I know it’s Halloween month and all but still!  Granted ~ we have not turned off the fans all summer long.  I guess this is a hard lesson that I need to turn them off regularly and clean them off.  No wonder things are getting a bit dusty a day or so after I clean.  Time to get out the Kirby attachments that I haven’t used yet.  Open-mouthed smile


Oh how I love my Kirby!  Not that I’m trying to be a commercial for Kirby or anything, but this is The Best $1,000 I’ve ever spent!  Seriously!  I don’t dust by hand anymore.  I use the hose and brush attachment to dust everything.  Weekly!  Including the baseboards and wall hangings.  I spend a little over half a day every week cleaning our home thoroughly (I touch up almost daily along with picking up clutter of course).  Well, ok so after I vacuum/dust everything I DO go over it with a Murphy’s brand wood surface cleaner and a rag.  I like the smell and shine it gives.

Anywho….I said all that to say that since I can clean so well weekly, my seasonal cleaning really only consisted of cleaning all three ceiling fans in our apartment.  About a half-hours worth of work on a chair reaching up for the ceiling and now they’re good as new…


2 responses to “Seasonal Cleaning ~ Autumn

  1. Great post. I couldn\\\’t agree more with you.

  2. I love your pictures! I feel like I am there with you. LOL And… uh, I want to clean my house now 🙂

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