ABC’s of Me ~ a voiceBoks event!

I recently joined an online community called voiceBoks and I’ve been invited to join in an event called “The ABC’s of Me”.  So here goes my list…

Age – wait….how old am I again?  oh yea, 39.

Boisterous, Beautiful, Bangin’, Bubbly  – these are the “B” words my boyfriend just yelled out!  LOL!  Bashful is more a word that comes to my mind when talking about myself like this.

Coffee Addict – ok, I stole this one from another blogger.  But it’s totally true of me.  I LOVE MY COFFEE!  Starbucks to be a little more specific.  Although I recently found out that they are discontinuing my favorite flavor of coffee.  BOO!

Dreamy – that’s how things look when I don’t have my glasses on.  Up until just a few years ago I never needed glasses.  So it’s still an adjustment for me to have to reach for them or to constantly be wearing them.  During cuddling they feel like a wall in front of me.  So when I take them off instead of being blurry, my bebe looks Dreamy.  Also…..Dreadlocks ~ I LOVE MINE!  I think I’ll keep them forever.  Smile

Elephant – one of my favorite animals.  When I was pregnant with my son one of the first toys I got for him was a stuffed elephant.  For the longest time it turned out to be his favorite animals, so we had lots of them.  It could be because of that they are on my favs list.  Other than the fact that they are just majestic and super smart.  “An elephant never forgets.” 

Farm – We hope to live on a farm one day.  Our dream (it was Anthony’s and after he shared it with me it became mine as well, because it went right along with the way I want to live anyway) is to own a CSA farm where we hold tours and workshops.  What good is it to have an amazing farm and not teach other people about it all; organic growing, composting, raising chickens, etc…

Grateful – for all the wonderful people I have in my life.

Happy – it’s what I always strive to be.  I feel like happiness comes from within, so no matter what is going on in my life or however stressed I may be I still have the ability to retain my happiness.  Also H is for Heather ~ that’s me!

Independent – I know who I am and I know what I like.

Jacksonville – that’s where I was born and where I live now.  Though in between I’ve lived in many different states and cities.  I must admit that it’s not really my favorite place to live.  Florida is a little boring, as far as nature goes, unless you can be at the beach all the time.  Or unless your into all the touristy stuff like Disney or Busch Gardens.  Those are fun, but you can’t really do that all the time.  I hope to live somewhere a little less hot and humid, again, one day.  But for now my Love is here so here is where I will be.

Kindness – I try to spread kindness everywhere I can.  I believe if you are kind to others then it will be returned to you.

Love and Laughter – my life is full of both every day!

Michael and Marisa – for my two wonderful grown children.  I can’t believe they’re grown already!  Where does the time go?

Notebooks – I have tons of these.  I share an obsession for office supplies with my very best friend, Beverly.  Mostly my weakness is post-it notes and notebooks.  I usually have several notebooks that I’m working in all at the same time ~ subject specific.

Orange – my 2nd favorite color.  Also the color of my most favorite drink ~ orange juice!  I can’t get enough of it.

Patience – sometimes I need more of this when my cat is yawling through the apartment or tearing up my favorite Jade plant.  In her defense, her only kitten from her first litter went to it’s forever home a week ago.  So she’s a little upset right now.  I’m trying to remember that!

Quiet –

Red – my favorite color.  It used to be purple, but somehow over the years I grew to not like that color so much.  I mean, it’s a fine color and all.  But Red snuck up on me somewhere along the way.  I read a chapter on the meaning of color in our lives, in a Feng Shui book, that when you favor purple then usually you are searching for something in your life.  Maybe searching for who you are or what you want out of life.  Red signifies that you are content in your life as it is.  At least that’s MY interpretation of what I read.  I read this after my taste had changed so much, so I wasn’t trying to apply the meanings to my life.  But looking back I could definitely see the correlation.

Shoes – I don’t particularly like them.  Were it not for the sand-spurs in Florida I would go almost everywhere barefooted.  But since I cannot flops are my shoe of choice.

Tomatoes – I love to grow them, but I can’t stand eating them.  I like catsup and tomato sauce well enough.  I just can’t stand the plain-jane tomato taste or it’s texture.  Slimy and weirdly crunchy at the same time.  Bleck!

Unique – There’s no one else just like me.  Flirt female

Vermicomposting – It’s crazy awesome to make dirt from left-over food.  There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you open the bin one day and realize there’s nothing left that looks like food in there, it’s all literally dirt now.  HELLZ YEAH!!

Wal*Mart – I freakin’ hate that place!  There are lots of reasons to hate Wal-Mart; they don’t pay their worker’s fairly, they bully suppliers into lowering their prices absurdly low just to give you the rock bottom prices, they run local stores out of whatever area they move into, etc…..but MY main personal reason is the people in the store.  I get road-rage something awful every time I go there.  Though I do enjoy that PeopleOfWalmart website.  teehee!  But for real ~ I dislike them for all the first reasons I listed as well.

Xylomancy – I couldn’t think of an “x” word so I looked up “words that start with x”.  Xylomancy means: divination by examining wood found in one’s path.

Yarn – though I haven’t been able to set up and use my loom, I still love some really nice all natural fiber yarns.  Wool is so much fun to felt!

Zoo – I love the zoo!  Mainly because of the elephants (see E above).

Oh!  And by the way ~ voiceBoks is a really cool site if you are a blog owner.  It’s an online community site with all sorts of activities designed to help you bring in more readers.  It’s free to join, and I’ve been very impressed with how active the whole community is.  And everyone is so nice and supportive.  None of the other sites I’ve joined recently have been so active.



14 responses to “ABC’s of Me ~ a voiceBoks event!

  1. Great list! I like how you did more than one for some of the letters – especially ‘B’! Haha! I did mine a few months ago using a prompt I got from another blog but I’m thinking that if Lexie does the ABCs event again, I’ll do a new post with my own ABCs 🙂

    Stopping by from voiceBoks Members to Remember! Have a great week!

    ~Sarah the Writer

    • Hi Sarah! Thanks for stopping by to read my post. This one was fun but hard to do. It took me a good part of the day to finish. I believe it’s still an active event if you want to join in. 🙂 I just got the invite yesterday morning.

  2. great post! i love how you put a bit of yourself into your writing. (even though i know you, i am always learning more and more that i love about you)

  3. I keep thinking I’m going to write my ABC’S but still haven’t. great job! I love the picture of the elephant. so cute! I found you from VB. excited to read future posts.


  4. I loved reading your list. I found that I have a lot in common with you. Red is my favorite color too. I also dislike the taste of tomatoes and avoid Wal-mart at all costs. Last but not least I think your daughter’s name is fabulous 🙂

  5. Your ABC’s are great! I really need to do mine. I’m a new email follower and friend from voiceBoks!

  6. I love Voiceboks, i do not get to mingle as much with my work schedule but I try to get in as often as I can. Great list maybe one day I will sit and do mine.

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love “meeting” other bloggers, especially ones who live in Jax. Voice boks has opened up a whole new world of bloggers for me (I was stuck in a food blog rut). Nice to get to know you through ABCs.

  8. This is one of the more unique and individualistic ABCs I’ve read so far. Love it!

    Sadie via vB

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