Needle Felting

A few months ago we were in Georgia visiting BeverlyBeverly’s house just inspires creativity.  Every time we visit her there are many projects going on and projects to start working on.  So the first thing we do is go through and see what all she has going on, mostly in the knitting department.  But there’s usually sewing to play with, felting to do, etc…THIS time there was needle felting!  OH BOY!  We (Beverly, Marisa and I) have been looking at fun felted critters and other things for some time and I was super excited to finally be able to give it a try.  Here was one of the needle sets she had for us (sadly, Marisa wasn’t with us this trip) to play with.

I have no idea how late we stayed up that night, but Anthony and I caught on pretty well to the needle felting.  Here’s the bat he made.  If you look closely you can see the little legs and “arms” at the top of the wings.


I made this butterfly.  The wings aren’t very tightly felted, but it was the look that I wanted.  They needed to look fragile like…well a butterfly’s wings.  In love

Here’s a close-up of the body.  I haven’t made the antennae yet since I need to find some wire for that.  I plan on gluing it to a magnet for the fridge.


A turtle made by Anthony.



I started working on the owl, but ran out of roving.  I also need some wire and embroidery thread for his legs.


Here’s the pic I was going by.  I hope he looks similar or cuter than this one.

At the end of our visit Beverly surprised me by saying that the needle set I was using is mine for keeps!!!!  Since getting back home I’ve been off and on looking for a local supplier of needle felting supplies, but have been unsuccessful.  I guess I’ll have to break down and order it online.  There are several websites that sell supplies and instructions for needle felting.  I hope to be able to do a lot more projects in the near future.


2 responses to “Needle Felting

  1. Is the first picture a bat? I super like the owl. fun fun fun.

    • Yes, you Ding~Bat, the first pic is a bat! HAHAHAHA!!!!! Just playing, couldn’t resist that. I LOVE YOU, my Dear Daughter!!!! Beverly didn’t have any black, if I’m remembering correctly, so he used red roving to make it. I can’t wait to get some roving and finish the projects.

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