Little Girls (a little more catch-up)

I’ve made some pretty major life changes this year.  As you may (or may not) know, last year I moved to California with my husband and daughter.  There were lots of bumps in our path out there and ultimately I decided to move back “home”.  I say “home” like that because I’m not particularly fond of this place.  There are other places I’ve lived in my life that feel more like home.  But this at least is familiar and I have a few more friends here than anywhere else that I’ve lived.  I’m now closer to my son, who lives near Asheville, NC.  As well as my best friend, Beverly, who lives near Atlanta, GA.  So those are positives!  I now live with a wonderful man, you’ve seen his face in previous posts recently, who has two really amazing little girls.  I’m also friends with the girls’ mother, so that makes the whole situation pretty easy.

M is the oldest, she turned nine this summer, and Z turns seven in December.  I’ve known them since M was just a few months old, but now they are actually a part of my life now as opposed to being friends to just go visit occasionally.  So we all have a new life.  And the girls have adjusted beautifully!

Here’s Z in one of her typical non-matching (I can totally relate) creative outfits.  You never know what she is going to come out wearing on any given day.

My hope this summer was to transform our dining room area into a crafting room.  A dresser full of supplies and a bookshelf full of….ok more supplies and maybe a few books on the subject.  But that didn’t pan out due to our finances and the lack of finding the right furniture.  Given that I mainly look for used furniture on Craigslist it will probably take me a while to find just the sort of something that that might somehow be slightly similar to what I’m picturing in my head.  I’d hoped by now, to have our hallway walls full of kid’s art.  I’m still hoping to accomplish this, so one day you’ll start seeing posts about our adventures.  Of course I hope to incorporate as much nature into our art projects as possible.  And I’ve found tons of blogs and websites with tips and ideas.  I’ll add them to the list of links soon if anyone is interested.

All this talk about little girls is making me miss mine.  She’s just too far away right now.  Although grown now and graduated high school starting her own life now, I will always think of her as my little girl.  You can find her and her amazing talents over at littlebluechair.

She’ll be a famous designer one day, you just wait and see.


4 responses to “Little Girls (a little more catch-up)

  1. Sounds like so much change in your life! I’m so glad you are happy now. What fun to get to be a step parent to such cute little girls! It must be hard to be away from your daughter, I’m not looking foward to a time when my kids lleave the nest. It’ s lovely to find your site on voiceBoks! I’m now following you on Facebook.

    • Yes, lots of changes going on. But they are all good so far. 🙂 My daughter chose to stay in California, so the only way we could be further apart is if one of us was in another country. LOL! Being a step-mom has turned out to be a lot of fun too! Luckily we don’t have typical step-family problems with the girls, so that makes it much easier. Thanks for following me!!

  2. I love your blog. I’ll send my daughter to check out your daughter’s blog. She is my aspiring actress, designer, singer, well you name it. Anyway, it’s great to see how you are making your blended family work. It’s difficult to do. TTYL

    Lisa (The Substantive Mom)

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