In-door Apartment Gardening

It’s a little tricky learning how to garden completely inside.  We don’t even have a balcony attached to our apartment.  But the front steps have done well for a couple of our plants.  We have a nicely shaded 1st floor apartment.  Which is nice for humans living in Florida, but not so nice for the plants that want the sun.  We have managed to find a few spots for plants so far:

Our “dining” table doesn’t really serve us well to eat at since it’s really just an outdoor bistro table and much too small for meals.  So it’s turned into a Nature Table so-to-speak.  More “nature” will probably be added at some point to make it more than a plant stand, but for now it is what it is.  The pic on the top left (above) is a Muscadine grapevine we found for $6 at Lowe’s.

What we really want to do is grow food.  Times have been a little tough lately and we think it would help a lot if we could grow some or a lot of what we need to eat.  We’ve set up a corner of our bedroom, a corner that should hold a dresser but since we don’t currently have a dresser……it’s going to be a gardening corner.


Of course the chainsaw and skilsaw will be finding a new home.  Great décor for a bedroom, don’t ya think?  I got the corner shelf from my aunt a few months ago and it’s just been sitting around, until now, waiting for it’s usefulness to kick in.  Now it is serving well as the grow light stand ~ as soon as we find someone local that sells grow bulbs.

Anywho….we put together a new project using the recycled materials shown below.  Can you guess what we’re doing? We figured if we have to use toilet paper, may as well put the waste to good use.  And we saved this ice cream carton just for this project.

I even have a handsome model to help me out.


I got to pick out the seeds so we are starting easy.  Mint and catnip.  Audrey will love us for that.  Be right back









I have a little spray bottle that fits perfectly in the t.p. rolls to shape them into little biodegradable pots.

It’s so easy, as you can see here, to make pots.  The bottle being inside the roll gives it stability so when you fold the bottom it doesn’t just collapse.  (Fold it as shown below)

And every project needs a supervisor, right?

Now we have all the pots ready for planting.

The next step is to fill each roll with soil and line them up in the carton.  I totally forgot to keep the lid from the carton as a 2nd barrier when we water the plants, but that’s ok really.


And, apparently, it needs to pass an inspection by Frodo!  All looks good he says.

Once we got all the rolls full of dirt we planted three of them with catnip and four with peppermint.  Then after watering the seeds we covered it with a plastic bag to simulate a green house while the seeds germinate.

And that’s that ~ hopefully in a few days to a week we’ll see little green sprouts popping up.

Audrey says: “Is the catnip ready yet?”


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  1. Just found your blog via the NaBloPoMo site, lovin it 🙂 Hello 🙂

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