Native American Style Beaded Knife Sheath

Just finished this one.  I’ve attached this to the leather bag I made since technically the bag is for collecting when we’re hiking around.  I can’t resist picking up rocks and lugging them back home.

Here’s the full back view.  I plan on doing more beadwork on the back of the bag.  But hey, even the Native Americans did their projects over long periods of time, so I’m not too worried about hurrying up to get it finished.  It takes time to decide what the bead design should be and how to make it all blend in well.

Now to find just the right knife to fit in it.  Peace Sign


2 responses to “Native American Style Beaded Knife Sheath

  1. It’s so beautiful!!! And this is your first project like this? You are a natural. I like what you said about taking time to complete it. Let it tell you what it needs next. Great work!

  2. Here you are! I’m glad I found you and your crafting is true.

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