Our Amazing Views

This is the view from the front of the house.  We sit outside in the evenings and watch the sunset.  Right over these mountains (well a couple of hours away) is the ocean.  In this pic I’m standing right in front of the kitchen window of Aunt Carol & Uncle Tim’s house.

This is also the direction we walk down to get to the Mojave River.  Which is a delightful stroll down the dirt road and past a couple of houses that also have horses.

In fact, here’s our latest stroll down to the river:

First we walked around the property a bit.  Tim & Carol own two 5 acre lots that are side by side.  This is where their house and the old cabin is, as well as the horse barn and our little trailer. The pic above is one of the mountains above us.  I just couldn’t resist this snap with the light hitting it like it was.

We checked out the old outhouse a little.  It has not been used for many years, so there’s nothing yucky in it now.

Not a real grave.  But still fun to see.  Auntie Carol says they used to have 8 or 9 of them over here.  Just for fun!

The ants out here are quite amazing.  Their homes are huge with large openings to the tunnels.

Old cans are scattered here and there.

In this pic I’m standing on an old foundation pad where a cabin used to stand.  This is also a parcel of land owned by Tim & Auntie Carol.

And we have a completely different view from just one property over.

Death of a Cholla!

Our horsey friends.

By the time we are walking down the road the sun is setting.

Amazingly there is still water above ground in the river.

This is as good a pic as I can get of the moon with my camera.  But it’s still cool.  You can’t tell it in the pic, but the moon had just come up over the mountain.  It was quite lovely in person.

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2 responses to “Our Amazing Views

  1. Amazing pics! So beautiful. It does look like another planet in a way. Then again, you seem to be settling in and making it your home.

  2. You are good people with good hearts and here’s wishing you the strength and serenity you’ll definitely need to become one with the land.

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