Native American Style Bag

As some of you may already know, Auntie Carol makes Native American reproductions for people who ride in horse shows.  And guess what?!?  I GET TO LEARN THE CRAFT TOO!!  I couldn’t be more excited.  I am almost finished with my first project ~ a little bag that I will use for either carrying my cell phone in or to take out on walks for the many pebbles or small rocks I can’t seem to leave behind.  The back side of it will be a work in progress for a little while.  I haven’t quite decided what’s going to happen there.

Do you want to see it?

Here’s the basic shape ~ all cut out and pinned together.

It’s sewn together with sinew.

Auntie Carol suggested this piece as the flap.

The leather scrap is wonderfully imperfect.

This was a piece of scrap that Auntie Carol pulled off of a piece that she was using to cut fringe from.  She had suggested these coral beads for me to use, I thought they would look great here to cover the stitching that sewed this piece to my bag’s flap.

Auntie Carol was using a scrap piece to show me one way to attach fringe.  I thought it quite lovely, so I added a dew claw to it and attached it to the flap.

After adding some fringe and the flap detail.  Oh!  And a few beads here and there.

AND I’M LEARNING NATIVE AMERICAN STYLE BEADING!!  I’m doing this across the top on the back.  But you don’t get to see the entire back just yet.  I will post about that when I make more progress.

For now there’s just two rows of beadwork across the top.  Okay here, I’ll show you that much at least:

This is mostly done.  I’ve added a couple more bits of details to it since the pic below was taken.  But this is basically what it looks like.  It’s not very large.  It holds my cell phone and a couple of small change-purse sized bags in it.  I hope to make a bigger purse-sized back soon.

I really need my own piece of hide though.  Carol says I could probably get about six bags this size from a whole hide and have scraps left over.  I have other projects in the works already.  I cut out and sewed the basic shape of a knife sheath together, but it’s completely undecorated, as well as another small bag.  I’m contemplating attaching the knife sheath to the back side of this bag and beading the entire thing (on the back).  That way I have a knife handy when I’m out on a walk.  Ya just never know what can happen when wandering around in the wild.


2 responses to “Native American Style Bag

  1. The bag looks fantastic. Great work! I’m very impressed. I love the beading.

  2. Your step-by-step photos are detailed and explanatory to the max.

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