Deep Creek

One of the first fun things we did in June after we were settled was hike over to Deep Creek.  We had to walk across the top of the dam to get to it.  Boy was it hot up there!

Here’s the view from on top of the dam.


Walking down the other side, almost down to the creek:

Of course, I can’t resist taking a shot of interesting plants I pass by.  LOL!


By the time we were getting down to the water I thought I was going to spontaneously combust, so we hiked in the water for a bit.

Finally at the swimming hole that was our destination.

Auntie Carol:

This is the mountain we were right behind.  The creek is just at the bottom between me and the mountain.

This is the crazy looking tree we were sitting under.

Hiking and swimming can be hard work, apparently.

Time to go:

We kept seeing these huge, bright red dragon flies.  This was about the best pic we could get of one.

Such an amazing view from the dam.

There’s no way for you to see it in the pic above ~ but there were so many bees that were flying around as we walked back across the dam.  They hovered around our feet since the wind if they got any higher than that would blow them away.  It was almost creepy the way we had to walk right through them.  But no one got stung, the poor things were just trying to hang on for some reason.  I don’t know what was so great about hovering over the pavement like that though.

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2 responses to “Deep Creek

  1. I enjoy all the pics. It’s great seeing all of you…makes me miss you even more!

  2. Say hello to Aunt Carol for me. Ask her if she’s ever been to Madrid or Cerrillos, New Mexico. Tell her she must get back there one day if she has. Guard your water!

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