Road Trippin’ With My Two Favorite Allies…

la la la….well, two of my three favorite anyway.  Michael was not moving with us, sadly.  We miss you A LOT Michael.  And love you much.

So I have a bit of catching up to do on posting.  I’m going to start this posting spree off with our road trip to Cali.  And let’s start with where the road trip actually got good.  Then I’ll explain the bad parts later.  LOL!

We spent the first night of the actual trip in Milton, FL with a long time friend of mine and his wife.  What a beautiful house they have.  It’s something like 100 years old.  Here’s a pic Marisa took while we were there:

The delightful front porch.

Okay, this ones just the hallway.  But the tiles are very pretty.  This part used to be the front porch, if I remember what Steve said correctly.  The door on the left used to be the front door.

It was a nice little visit before hitting the road the next morning.  Steve pointed us in the direction of the beach.  So we got to check out Pensacola beach just days before the disastrous oil spill hit the coast.  Here’s some pics of our quick stop there.

The water was so beautiful and clear.  I haven’t been able to bring myself to looking for pics of what it looks like a few days later.  I don’t want to see it any different than what we experienced.  :~(


From Pensacola we hit the road for our next stop in Dallas with plans to stay a night with my brother Derek.

Leaving Pensacola.

We crossed through Alabama, which wasn’t much different than Florida really so we didn’t take many pics.

There was a tunnel just before we got to the border for Mississippi.

Then finally we hit Texas.  Up until we got to Dallas there was not much change in landscape.  Everything looked like any ordinary woods we’d ever seen living anywhere in the south eastern states.  While very pretty it was nothing new to us.

Sadly, it had been 20 years since we’d seen each other.  It’s hard when none of us make much money and he lives so far away.  I also had his new wife to meet (yay for new sisters!!!) and my first and only nephew, Greyson.  It turned into being another fabulous stop on our trip.

We completely failed to take out the camera until the next morning of our visit.  So there are no pics that we got with Courtney.  But we got some great pics of Greyson.  He is such a delightful four year old.  So smart.  Derek, you and Courtney have done a wonderful job raising him so far.  Keep up the good work, bro.

Finally during our drive through the rest of Texas things are starting to look a lot more like Texas should look.

Oil rigs running in fields.  Pastrues and pastures of farms.  Just your typical Texas.  Or at least what people who aren’t from Texas thinks it should look, I guess.

There were some really cute little towns we drove through.  Literally one stop light towns.

The skies were amazing too.  At one point we realized we were driving right into a storm.  But it took us about an hour to get to it and by that time it wasn’t much of a storm anymore.

You think that’s probably enough pics for one post?  To be continued….next up ~ Amarillo, TX.

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4 responses to “Road Trippin’ With My Two Favorite Allies…

  1. Wondering if you will be coming up I-25 to NM State Highway 550 then off NM. State Highway 4 through San Ysidro and Jemez Pueblo to NM State Highway 290 on up through Ponderosa?People usually turn around at the reservoir at the end of the hardtop 290, where it turns into Forest Road 10 and dirt, and then go back to NM State Highway 4 and go north through Canon and onto Jemez springs after a side trip to Gillman Tunnels between Canon and Jemez Springs. Keep going on through La Cueva and go onto Valles caldera National Preserve, Bandalier National Park and Los Alamos and around on back to San Ildefonso, Nambe, Tesuque and Pojaque Pueblos (and probably some more pueblos I’ve missed) finally back in Santa Fe and on down I-25 to the interstate on into Arizona? Be safe and later, Rebecca G. Perry-Piper

  2. Actually our road trip started on June 19th. We arrived in Cali the following Tuesday evening. It’s just taken me this long to catch up on my blogging. Been busy busy since we arrived getting settled and all. Thanks for the comment though. :~)

  3. Rebecca G. Perry-Piper

    You were really flying through this time. Good luck on getting settled. There’s some great buys on homes right now, of course you probably know that that’s why you flew. Maybe next time you’ll come through. Later, Rebecca

  4. Road Tripper…It is September 17.Where yall are? Fall is here in the Jemez mountains. It was a late spring so tomatos are just beginning to bud and zuccinins are puzzling. Kale, chard and spinach had it good. Down to four goats and are getting fat off of grilling/Dutch ovening shanks,loins, etc. Rabbits gone, but they tasted so good.Chihuahuas are being whelped left and right so one door closes and another one opens.Tracking you/me down through this Bing URL was fascinating. Long live net nuetrality. Push its envelope, promote Free Speech and give me one more post on road trippin’.Anticipating your notification via e-mail.Rebecca G. Perry-Piper (or ‘chimommas’ if I can ever get my WordPress dogblog together the way I like it)

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