Horse Thief Canyon

We went “down the hill” with Tim & Carol one of our first Saturdays here.  They had a biker function to attend and we had a good time people watching.  “Down the hill” means we went past these mountains (this is the view from Tim & Carol’s front porch):

“Down the hill” is also going towards L.A.

I forgot to take pics while we were there.  But it was just a “ride” that the biker groups (gangs?) held and we were sitting in a parking lot under a tent at the last stop.  There were some venders selling wares and bikers from many different gangs.  The gang Tim is a part of is considered a family oriented gang.  So there is no violence or anything like that.  Just a bunch of nice guys (& their gals) doing stuff together.  Tim’s Harleys are pretty dang sweet.

But the point of this post is not about all that.  On our way back we went a different way than we went out.  THAT is the point of this post.  Horse Thief Canyon.

The story seems to be that back in the “olden days” horse thieves used to come here with their stolen horses to hide out.  With good reason.  The whole canyon was full of crevasses and wrinkles in the landscape.  Very beautiful.

With gorgeous flowers too!  The desert is just full of wonderful surprises.


One response to “Horse Thief Canyon

  1. Fantastic! I lost you until September 17th but I’m glad I’m catching up. You are really on one of the last great trips in our country.

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