Home ~ The Nomad

Our new home is named Nomad.  I think that’s just too fitting considering we have been calling ourselves gypsies since we first decided to move to the desert into an RV trailer.

Isn’t it cute?  We arrived on Tuesday evening, June 22nd.  Of course I immediately started checking out our little “yard” area.  This is the view from standing at the front door.  A little messy at this point, but it has great potential.

Standing in the same spot I turned to the right and here is the view across the from of the trailer.

That cactus is called a Jumping Cholla.  It’s wicked I tell ya.  Not something to have right beside any place that you spend any amount of time.  The spikes from it seem to jump at you and like to be right where you need to step at all times.  This enemy has to go.  See how close (below) it is to both of our doors?

My little phat Buddha gets a spot by the front step for now.

The Cholla is actually pretty when it’s healthy.  But I still consider it a sworn enemy.

Let’s move along to the inside view.  This is our little living room.  Marisa already getting busy with her knitting.

Isn’t she adorable.  I think I embarrassed her with taking another shot.  :~)

A little above storage.  These are the few books that got stashed in my car while we were loading everything up.  I guess I still have not explained the nightmare that began our trip.  I’ll get to that.  I took no pics the first day of our trip because I was so upset.  But back to where we just were…

The plants that made it out with us.

The mini-kitchen.


3 responses to “Home ~ The Nomad

  1. It’s so nice to see you, your peeps and your new home! I love all the photos of the trip and your new surroundings. Your little home is absolutely charming. I can see your touch all around. You’ve made it look both homey and gypsy.

  2. Hi Heather! I’m the woman who bought your bird bath in Lakeland. I’ve been hoping you would be updating your blog and I see you’ve had quite the adventure! I’m glad y’all made it safely across the country and are living your dream life. Nomad is adorable! Take good care.

  3. Comfy Gypsy wagon. Go, Girls, shine on you crazy diamonds!

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