Camp Fire Cooking

I’ve used cast iron as my preferred cookware for years.  Now that we are planning on living as gypsies I thought I’d investigate how we will cook our meals.  Makes sense, huh?

Well I found this website: Dutch Oven Education Center.

This is exactly how I dream of cooking our meals.  We are also planning on making a solar oven similar to this:

Except we will make our out of plywood, which we already have.  In fact the sheet of plywood that we have might even make more than one.

A lot of the baking we would do could probably be done in a Dutch oven over the fire.  It will still be fun to play around with the solar oven.  And it could be big enough to accommodate the large stoneware we cook on at times.  The only drawback will be when it’s rainy or cloudy outside.

Then we will resort to having to cook indoors.  That’s okay, I’m thinking/planning about that as well.  We can find a Coleman (or Coleman-style) one or two burner camp stove for cooking on indoors and we already have a nice rotisserie convection oven.

I don’t do microwaves.  I just won’t!  Mother can argue about how much electricity they save and that’s all well and good.  But I just like to know that the nutrients in my food are not killed on a molecular level.  When I read about the nurse who killed a patient by using a microwave to warm up blood for a transfusion it really got me to thinking.  If it made blood unusable for a human, what is it doing to our food?  Cooking alone destroys enough nutrients as it stands, but at least not all of them.  I just don’t trust microwaves and don’t imagine that I will ever go back to using one.

I think it’s a pretty good plan.  Can you think of anything we’re leaving out?


One response to “Camp Fire Cooking

  1. I like your solar oven. I made a cardboard box oven that works with charcoal. It does pretty good. I also made a solar powered radio. I have not bought batteries in three years. Thanks for the info.

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