Techy News at the Homestead

I’m trying out AT&T’s version of an air card.


When we move to the desert we will not have DSL service.  AT ALL!  It’s just not available yet where we will be specifically.  I’ve been reading about air cards for a while and I think I will like it.  And AT&T has been around a while, so hopefully their coverage is pretty good.  The only downside with this is if Chris and I want to both be using the net at the same time we will each need a card with separate service.  Otherwise, we can take turns plugging the card into our laptops.  It cost nothing up front to try it out with the 30 day buyers remorse clause.  But I think this will be my best option.  The representative assured me that I can have internet anywhere I go ~ even driving down the road as long as the person using the computer isn’t the driver.  Makes sense.  She said I will probably find that my service is faster than the DSL we are accustomed to.

I’m waiting for it to arrive now.  I will let you know how set up goes and what sort of speed I experience with it.  This should be interesting.

I’ve also switched from Internet Explorer to Firefox.  So far I like it much better.


I don’t have any idea why I was so afraid of changing.  I guess when it comes to my computer I get overly cautious.  But it does seem to be faster than IE.  And the plug-ins that are available are fun.  I think its what the internet should be.  There’s even a plug-in that says it lets you edit any webpage you go to.  I’m sure that’s not something I want to be doing.  But that’s some crazy control over what can be done.  OH!  It even adds a “dislike” button to your Facebook page!!  That’s so cool!  I doubt people that have IE can see it, but just to be able to let at least part of the world know that I dislike something is pretty darn fun.

What I think so far?  If you don’t have it ~ it’s worth checking out.  I haven’t even touched on very many of the cool things about it either.  I’ll let you discover it all for yourselves.

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2 responses to “Techy News at the Homestead

  1. I’ve been using Firefox for a long, long time. They continue to make it easy and fun to use. They try to make it so you can do everything you could do with IE. I’m sure you know all this. I’m so happy you made the change!

    • It’s better than and does WAY more than IE ever thought of doing. At least from what I’ve seen. So much control over the internet experience. I’m hooked and will not look back. Although our bank website at work doesn’t work on it, I had to open up IE to use it. Oh well. One website so far isn’t that bad.

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