Our Neighbor

Has been mowing our lawn.  FOR FREE!

A couple of months ago our neighbor got a nice new shiny riding lawn mower.  I came home one day to find my husband standing out in the front lawn and the neighbor mowing our lawn (this was how I found out that he got the new mower).  Husband said that Dave just came on over and started mowing.  Well ever since, whenever he mows his lawn he just continues on over into our’s mowing away.  I captured him on film this time.

He’s never asked for a penny for gas.  He just likes playing with his new toy.  Apparently, so says his wife, he has also been mowing the lawn on the other side of his house and one over from that even.  I imagined him coming over looking all giddy like a 12 year old boy, jumping up and down asking if he can mow our lawn.  How can ya argue with that?  We sure can’t.

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