Finished Sewing Projects

Since I got home from work this evening I started and finished two new sewing projects.  #1 is a bag-o-bags. 

I already had one of these that I bought many years ago.  The elastic was done and it just didn’t match our decor any longer.  Not that we have a specific decor ~ I guess it wasn’t “hippie” enough.

#2 is a cover for the Duchess.

I blogged before about plans to make this one.  I learned a good lesson about buying fabric for projects.  I could have chosen a stiffer fabric and it would look a little neater.  And I’ve already decided on some alterations I need to make to it for a much snugglier fit for Duchess.  But I like it even still.  I need to find a fabric store other than Joann’s or the other big box stores.  Something that just specializes in miles and miles of fabric shelves.  There just wasn’t much other than this one that I liked.  I need to figure out how to use the button hole option on the Duchess so I can make a peep hole for the thread pole(?).  HA!HA!  I don’t think that’s what it’s called, but I’m not hip yet to all the terms and lingo.

Well?  What do’ya think?

Still to come: the promised into about the gazebo curtains.  I promise this time.

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3 responses to “Finished Sewing Projects

  1. lookin good! watch out you might become the hippy seamstress!

  2. Thanks! I just might. This making stuff is quite fun.

  3. Great work! Both of your projects are very cute!

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