A Few of my Favorite Things

I share a love of sticky notes with Beverly.  I’m also an obsessive list maker.  I know it’s not very sustainable to use so much paper.  But I use them wisely.  And they are so cute and fun.  Here’s two handy-dandy notebooks I found somewhere (I forget where now, probably Pier 1 Imports).  You may care or you may not.  Just thought I’d share how my brain works ~ it doesn’t without paper.

Great Ideas and Things To Buy.

Another little note organizer I definitely bought at Pier 1 a long time ago.  So see, this sort of thing lasts me a long time.

It opens up to these little delightfuls.  Two sticky note for To-Dos and Don’t Forgets.  As well as tear off sheets.

Purse Organizing:

I bought these great two little bags from Whole Foods.  They were fairly traded and supposedly the people who made them were fairly paid.

For my love of butterflies:

This one was just pretty.  I don’t like a lot of loose stuff floating around in my purse.  In fact, I like to reach in almost without looking and know where whatever I need to find is.

Wonderful Target find.  Marisa and I loved this fabric wallet so much that we both had to have one.  I seem to have a strong aversion to things matching lately.  So nothing about or in my purse matches.  Half the time my clothes don’t even entirely all match.  Maybe I’m going through a rebellious three year old stage again.  LOL!

That’s all for my favorite things right now.  Still pending…posts about upcoming projects that I have planned.

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