Composting: Gettin’ Fancy

Apparently we take our composting accessories very seriously here at the HippyHomestead.  Well….I have to confess.  I didn’t mean to get this fancy with it:

We were using a Tupperware container for our kitchen scraps.  But when I decided I didn’t want any plastic (or as little as I could get it down to) in the kitchen, that carried over to the compost container.  So we went to Goodwill, Salvation Army and consignment stores looking for an alternative.  We set out to do all that anyway.  We were on our way to a thrift store I knew about in Brandon and had to whip it around to check out an antique store we drove past.  Sure enough there was a reason we needed to go in there.  I set out just looking for a crock or canister of sorts.  I saw this beauty and was instantly smitten.

Now as you can see the lid has a seal.  There is absolutely no smell that comes from our counter top composting.  By the time it’s full and needing to be emptied into the outside compost pile it hasn’t even had the time to decompose.  But I’ll spare you the pic of the contents.  Unless you’re REALLY interested. 

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Did you notice something else in that first pic?  It’s a daughter made object.

My sweet girl learned how to knit and crochet from Beverly last year.  I had the idea of dish scrubbies made out of twine instead of those gross plastic/green things.  She whipped one out in no time.  This is our 2nd one since the twine seems to wear out after a while.  We are thinking of giving hemp twine a try though.  Just to see if that lasts longer.

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