Two Potential Projects

I need ideas.  I keep seeing all these furniture make-overs everyone is doing and I get stumped when it comes time to do it myself.  But I’m feeling inspired I guess.  I have this dresser:


And this cool metal box:


Well the metal box COULD be a diamond in the rough.  I was going to throw both out into the garage for the yard sale.  But this week I’m thinking they may come in handy.  We’re moving ~ why give away/sell/toss a perfectly good box.  Right?  And the dresser is so small.  It might fit in the moving truck.

So, does anyone have any ideas for either of these?  It would be nice if the box was a bit shinier.  And I think the dresser is kind of ugly right now.  But nothing is wrong with it.  I think it has real potential.



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