A Sewing Machine for my Girlie

I finally got this machine back from Mom’s house.  It’s an old Montgomery Ward Signature, complete with a carrying case.

IMG_1341  IMG_1340

IMG_1360 IMG_1358

I think my daughter is going to like it.  Before I let Mom borrow it I had no idea what I had.  I was very intimidated by it so I never really spent much time checking it out.  But now, thanks to Beverly, I am a bit more familiar with sewing machines and not so scared of them.  So I opened it up this morning to clean her up and see what’s under the hood.  I found a burnt up cord coming from the motor.  Well, not burnt up per se.  It was so old that the coating appeared to be just melting off.  That was a little out of my knowledge base, but I knew it wasn’t a good thing.  So dear sweet Husband and I carted it off to the repair shop this afternoon for him to take a looky.  His recommendation was a new motor ~$35.  So a new motor I got:


Along with a new bobbin belt and a bobbin case (since the machine seemed to be missing that very important part.  Out the door cost was $54.02.  Not too bad for an all metal machine that I got for super cheap at the flea market.

How ‘bout some closer views of this sexy kitten.

IMG_1343 IMG_1353

IMG_1350 IMG_1355

I just don’t know what the deal is with this:



She seems to be missing something up there.  But she purrs so nice regardless.  I think Marisa will be pleased.



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