The Grand Duchess

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Well, since times they are a changing for us HippyGardeners, I’ve decided to focus a bit on some sewing.  I was gifted this:


…from my very bestest friend, Beverly.  I’m the proud owner of a new-to-me sewing machine.  What a fabulous gift to receive.  And doesn’t she look lovely in her new home?


The Grand Duchess, as her name plate reads.  We spent last weekend cleaning her up, oiling her and changing her belts.  She even sews button holes!  Yes, the Duchess is a “HER”, of course.  I even came back home to find that I already have all these parts for her:


The ruffler (the large doo-hicky in the back) can cost upwards of $75 new.  Too cool that I got one in my sewing table that I bought from the flea market.  The machine that came in the table was sold in a garage sale we recently had.  And I’m struggling with not being able to bring the table along with us when we move.  But I just don’t think there will be room.  In the mean time, the Duchess will be quite comfy in it, I think.

But I haven’t yet figured out what this presser foot is for (though I will):

IMG_1227 IMG_1225


One response to “The Grand Duchess

  1. It’s to do a hankerchief hem on the edge; it rolls the fabric into a tiny hem…

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