Projects Planned

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Now that I have a nice shiny sewing machine, what do I plan to do with it you ask?  Well let me just tell you…

1.)  Gardening Apron. 


I’ve had this little nifty apron planned for some time now.  This is a pic I took of the page in Gayla’s book, You Grow Girl.  I’ve had the supplies looming around for maybe a year now.  I just hadn’t had the nerve to start on it.  IDK why.  But now that I’ve been taught by sweet Beverly how to sew I am confident in my abilities.  At least as confident as a brand new seamstress can be.

This is the fabrics I chose for MY apron.  Now to decide if it really WILL be a gardening apron or a doula apron.  Hrmm… I’ll post more on this when I am working on it and when finished.


2.) Purse lining. 


This one was actually intended to be a dreadlock hat.  Beverly made it for my husband and it was too girlie.  That’s not officially what he said, but I sort of claimed it.  Then decided that my dreadies don’t really like to be contained like that, so the “hat” will make a super cool purse.  I’m going to put in the lining so it doesn’t stretch way out of proportion and be ridiculously big when I’m carrying stuff around in it.  I chose this flower fabric for the lining.  I obtained this great retro fabric in a huge box of fabric I ended up with one time.  I don’t really know what happened to the rest of the box of fabric, but apparently this one really spoke to me because I made sure to hang onto it.  I think it will make a delightful purse lining.

Let’s get a closer look at it so maybe you can see the texture of it too.  Now to figure out the handles.


3.) And finally a cozy cover for the Duchess. 


I found the pattern/instructions for this online.  And now for the life of me I can’t remember what website it was on.  I’ll update this post when I find it again.  But here’s a pic I took of the page.

And for the fabric I chose the following.  The sort of stripped fabric will be the middle panel (under the pocket).


I think that’s all I have for now.  Oh!  I’ve picked out MANY other projects that I want to make.  But this is all that I’m actually prepared to start now.

I almost forgot!  The goodies I bought today.  BOOKS!

The first one is going to prove to be my favorite.  I JUST KNOW IT!


Quite a few of the projects in it are for intermediate and advanced sewers.  But not all of them.  I’ll practice on the beginner projects and move up to the duvet cover, sheets and bed skirt.  Here are a few of my top favorite projects:

Bread warmer sacks:


For sewing notions:


Too fun!  Party decorations:


And the other book:


This one just has some fun, yet practical projects.  Such as:



Well, that’s a wrap for now.  I hope you all have a wonderful upcoming weekend.  Yes, I realize it’s only Thursday night, but I’m not working tomorrow so it may as well be Friday night for me.



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