It’s a Happy Chili

It’s been a while since I added anything to our Chinchilla’s home.  He has been acting quite bored lately since I banned him from being let out to roam free in the evenings.  I just don’t want to replace another laptop cord.  I had a few things laying about from the old rattie cages we’ve had so I added them for Chili’s enjoyment.  After I soaked and scrubbed them free, of course.


This WAS a basket until Chilsworth got a hold of it.  He chews wood and there are small skewer size pieces of wood running vertical in this one.  You can see them here (maybe):


He moved the bottom of the basket over to his sleeping pipe:


A new piece of wood and water bottle:


A fresh pile of Timothy Alfalfa Hay:


All together now:


What’s that Chili?  You like it?!?  Sweet.


He’s not been chewing on the metal bars since all these additions.  Looks like I need to be on the look out for another basket soon though.



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