Living with less electricity…

I’m also researching how to get by with far less, or no, electricity.  Here’s are a couple of ideas I’ve come up with so far:


The first one is easy.  Hang your clothes out to dry.  Something I HATED, LOATHED, DETESTED to have to do as a child.  Laundry was my job when I was younger.  But my health was not so great and the heat in Florida really got to me.  Especially during the time period when I was passing out left and right.  I could be walking down the hall-way and then suddenly be waking up staring at the ceiling.


However, since I’ve gotten my nutrition and health to be in better shape the heat doesn’t seem so unbearable anymore.  In fact, I’ve been surprised at how I’ve been able to survive without running the air conditioner down here in central Florida last summer.  Okay, back to the topic at hand… your electric dryer uses a lot of electricity.  Even if you cut down by half the amount of loads you run through it that would save you a noticeable amount on your electric bill.  But when living with either no electricity or a limited amount of solar or wind power, that’s not going to be enough.  In the winter you can use one of those indoor wooden clothes racks set in from of your heat source.


Which leads me to my next though…heat in the winter.


Cast Iron wood burning cook stove.  We actually had one when I was a kid in Virginia.  Though it was not our main source of heat.  My Dad moved us to the mountains thinking we were going to start homesteading or be mountain hippies or something.  I don’t really know what the deal was with all that.  But I think he was searching for a more simple life.  Hrmm….kind of what I’m doing now.  Though he never quite grasped it all.  Anyway, the cast iron stove can be a great source of heat and as a bonus you can cook on and in it.  I WANT ONE!  Anyone out there got one laying around?  Granny Miller’s Blog, although not being updated anymore but a super great read, has a great post about keeping them clean and how to use one.

Food Dehydrator

Hanging Solar Food Dehydrator

This one’s a double wammy.  You save electricity AND preserve food which helps you live without refrigeration.






Obviously I’m still researching this and will be up until and after the time that we move.  I will experiment as much as possible where we are now and let you know how things go along the way with what works and what doesn’t seem to.

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