I know it seems that we have fallen off the face of the Earth lately. So much has been going on it’s been hard to keep up. It’s now official ~ the HippyGardeners are moving to the other side of the world. Well…..not quite THAT far. But it sure feels like it! We are moving from Florida to California. We’ve just run into so many problems over the past year that we finally realized that the universe MUST be trying to tell us something….time to leave here.

We are planning the move day for sometime in June. That will give us plenty of time to sort through our things to decide what we will sell and what we will take with us. I was shocked to see the price of rental trucks for a one-way trip across country, so the goal is to take only enough stuff that will fit in a rental trailer.


OH! We’ll be landing in Apple Valley ~ San Bernardino County!! We’ll be living in a travel trailer in the desert. National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation comes to mind ~ we’ll be the cousins living in the rv in the desert.


But seriously ~ the desert is beautiful and the views are amazing!  See…


One cool thing I realized yesterday is we will be neighbors with the folks over at Urban Homesteaders. We’ll only be about an hour and a half from them. I’m so excited!! I’ve been following their website and Blog for some time. Maybe we can go over sometime for a visit and to tour their little homestead. :~)

Lots more to come…


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