Planting the Veggie Garden

We had to AGAIN get out all the weeds.  Its just been sitting like this all summer.  The only excuse I can come up with is laziness.  But it has been stiflingly hot here too.  Its hard to breathe out there when the backyard can be 100 degrees or more.  So we’re back at it finally.


The new kitten, Sirius, had fun chasing bugs.  I had to keep kicking him out of the dirt area since we DO NOT want him to realize how fun digging in that dirt out there is.  At least not until I get the “cat garden” portion of the yard done.  :~)  That’s Purslane in the pot beside him.  But more on that wonderful weed/herb in a later post.


What is it we are planting out there you ask?  Well, yesterday we got two blueberry bushes.


Two tomatoes (cherry & Roma), a 4 pack of bell peppers, and a hot pepper.  The Italian Oregano in the middle of this pic is actually for the herb garden.


Ah, here’s the tall Roma tomato.


I also picked up some organic garlic at Whole Foods.  I’m going to re-create the Buddha garden (you should remember that little area from an earlier post) with the garlic.  The Echinacea needs another place in the garden where it will do better.


Okay, but what about the planting?  Well, here’s the Italian Oregano planted in the herb garden.  I’ll give a picture of the whole area later in another post.  I think this one is pretty full of pics as it is.  :~)


Close to the trellis is the two blueberries.  We put the trellis up so the jasmine will have somewhere else to grow up.  That should keep it out of the garden.  Although we will have to trim it often I’m sure. 


The other side of the garden.


The smaller of the two tomatoes.  This one is the Cherry.  I know you’re probably thinking that we had tomatoes before and they just died miserably.  But they were in pots.  This time we are ACTUALLY planting in the ground.  So I expect to have a lot more success this time.  It’s always more difficult to keep things alive in pots.


Here’s the tall Roma tomato.


“Whew!  Gardening and chasing bugs is tiring.  Time for a little window nap.  But from here I can still see all the action if I am so inclined.”….Sirius


A cool find at the Ybor Farmer’s Market in Tampa yesterday.  There was a woman who makes plant hangers.  She said she learned macrame since the 70’s.  I so hope she will be willing to maybe teach me her craft.  I have so many books on the subject that I’ve found at various used book stores.  Sometimes it’s just the getting started part that is the most difficult.  These pots are two that I got from Ikea.  My new favorite home store.


But, the larger Ikea pot was destined for another plant.  So the jade will do in the bottom of the hanger.  I just love this jade.  This was all cuttings that I got from my garden bench friend from Craigslist.  It’s doing so well even with all the neglect it’s received all summer.  Finally it has a great home and will be seen by all who exit out back door.


Well, I think that’s it for now.  It got too hot this afternoon to do much else for now.  So I am working on a batch of yogurt and more stock for this week.


One response to “Planting the Veggie Garden

  1. This looks terrific! All the pics and updates are fun to look at. Great job!

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