Beginning AGAIN!

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted here.  I have not abandoned my Blog, even though that is what appears to have happened.  It’s been one helluva summer.  Not only has there been rediculous heat down here, especially in our particular oven of a back yard, but our personal lives have been super crazy as well.

But things are finally calming down now and I’m able once again to focus on our little homestead.  FINALLY there are vegetables planted in the garden as well as two blueberry bushes.  But more on that in the next few posts.

We are also working on homemade yogurt made from coconut milk and raw cows milk, chicken bone stock, Kombucha and various herbal tinctures.  All of which we will offer for sale soon.  Plus a lot of other stuff as well.

Stay tuned…


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