My newest handmade favorite!  My very best friend, Beverly Jo Dittmer, made this for me.  My thermos already kept my ice water fresh and cold for two days, now it has even more insulating power.  This cozy/carrier was knitted from wool yarn and we felted it yesterday in the kitchen sink.  It’s a super easy project if you already know how to knit.  And felting was so quick on such a small item.  Just fill the sink with hot water and be really mean to your knitted project.  Just don’t forget the rubber gloves and you won’t know how hot the water is.  :~)


I’ve been trying to get away from buying bottled water.  Even though I would re-use the bottle several times, I just don’t like drinking out of plastic all the time.  It’s unavoidable that your water ends up tasting like plastic.  With this now I have an easier way to carry around my thermos and it keeps my water fresh and cold ALL day long.  Cherokee, N.C. here I come!!!  Now we just need them for everyone in the family. 


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